IFA320 new Tracking Thread [CLOSED]N/A


Hello Welcome to my tracking thread.This is where I will display and practice my ATC skills to become IFATC.I will need your help to come out and support me by doing patterns!
Please give feedback to @Adam_Macaulay and me.Thanks!

What is an ATC Tracking Thread?

Patterns accepted



Patterns accpeted.


Patterns accpeted


When your brother disturbs you during takeoff and you crash


Wish more people can actually cone to my session. @Voyager456 thanks for coming anyway


Patterns allowed


How did I do @DaniCP


Good job!! I don’t saw any mistake…


Cool!Cant wait to take the test


I’m was thinking now at the transition altitude to the other plane… 3500ft. was high.
At 2500ft. or above would be better, because KFLL is around sea level.


Patterns allowed


Think I did bad becuase @DaniCP has alot to type😭😭😭


Hey mate. Overall, good job:

  • Sequences and clearances was good.

  • Runway change good.

  • Ground comands good.

  • Transition altitude today was low at or above 2500ft. The inner ring show SFC > 2900ft. This is the minimum altitude, so at or above 3000ft. would be better.

  • After passing over the airport, I call “inbound for landing” and you cleared me for the option. Is not bad, but if I say my intention for landing “cleared to land” would be better.

  • I told you “go around” because I don’t receive any clearance. I saw the replay again. Stay tunned on that.

Regards, IPP buddy :)

PS: hahaha, I’m doing a lot of type because my english is not good, and I’m thinking all words when writing🤣


Confused about this