IFA VNAV Problem

iPhone 7 and all latest downloads.
I open IFA , then IF Confirmed connect.
I build flt plan in IF
I go into IFA and enter alt/speeds for w’points.
I return to IF and the connection between IF and IFA is nonexistent. (Ie, Flaps callout, etc).
I have tried uncheck recheck api in settings, going to airplane mode on iPhone-and back on.
A restart of either IF or IFA will restore the connection, but all VNAV-FltPlan data gone.
Any suggestions appreciated.

Hey as you do have a problem please move this to the #support category. Thanks and you problem will tried to be solved!

Try All the usuals:

  • Delete and re-download IFA and IF.
  • Restart device
  • Turn IF Connect off then on again.

Good luck!


If you are talking about Infinite Flight Connect, then it won’t always go to plan. This option is in experimental phase.

FYI - #support is for technical issues with Infinite Flight. Not 3rd-party apps. This is where this topic belongs.

And he’s referring to Infinite Flight Assistant. Not LiveFlight Connect…


When using IFA why not do it through multitask? There is less chance of it losing connection then.

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That sounds like a good idea. Will try and advise. Thx.

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Genius !!! Multitasking works. Thanks much…mods can close. ✅

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