IFA Shakey Cam missing?

For some reason my Infinite Flight Assistant App
just lost the "Shakey Cam " option to toggle it on or off

I re-installed the App, but its not available
Im using a Samsung Tab S4. I enjoy this feature
Anybody know if there is a change to IFA ?

I have reached out to the developer…no response (yet)


Hi there, when did you contact epaga?

Hi, it got removed for the following reason:

yesterday and today 11/19 and 11/20
I just read a post saying it was intentionally
removed because IF has cockpit motion
well not much !

Like phone updates…keep messing with things until you break them or ruin them is a plan I’ll never understand. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

John apparently has his reasons…but he said if its missed he will add it back ? HEY JOHN ! WERE YOU BOMBARDED WITH COMPLAINTS TO REMOVE IT ?
If you see this 🙂

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