IF787's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Everything was good, you cleared in the right moment gave me a good runway change and the exit rwy command was also well timed, join ATC😅


Thank you for coming! I appreciate the feedback 🙂

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I am currently closed, but I would like your guy’s input on which airports are good to open. I’ll take each into consideration for later 🙂

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Open @ MYNN
Runways 32 and 28 in use
Please let me know if you stop by!

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I’d like to apoligize for the confusion I caused a few minutes ago, an aircraft didn’t follow instructions properly and caused a bit of a mess with runway changes and aborted takeoffs. Sorry to anyone in this picture! (I know it doesnt look like much, but COCO007 stopped perfectly to block United 227 taking off and rwy 28 for ZION)

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Open @ MMMX
WIND: 050°@18KT
Runways 03L and 03R in use

(Any feedback can be replied to this thread)

No worries. I think I added to that as well, I turned to early and was flying over 32 while the 777 was taking off. Great job controlling anyway.

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COCO007 thought rwy 32 was rwy 28, which I instructed them to cross, so they were stuck blocking 32 AND 28… so yeah 😬

what should I have done in that situation? I don’t think I handled it correctly…

I’m even more inexperienced than you are. Wish I could help. You did a great job handling the situation though.

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Open @ LFBO
Wind: 310°@09KT
Hoping to practice a bit of sequencing if we get a few planes in at the same time

I’ll stop by

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For me, you lagged out and went to space 😐

Negative altitude?

Lol sorry I had to take a call and tried to pause game and multitask


My subscription runs out tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll be there when you control Seattle. Expect me to be there …hopefully…


Open @ KSEA
Wind 210° 04KT
Using 16L, R and C

Hey there! I was the X-CUB. Overall, not bad today! Three things that I noticed:

  • One: The ask for intentions wasn’t needed in my opinion; I requested a transition when I first tuned in, so you could’ve just left me be until I asked for something else. I assume Taipei was doing the same thing.
  • Two: When Taipei and I called inbound, you forgot to give us pattern instructions. Make sure you do that.
  • Three: My clearance for 16R was late; I was already on final pretty much.

Other than that, it was pretty good!

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Yeah, when I asked for intentions, it was bc I thought for some reason you were at 300 feet, not 3000 feet 😐, my bad.
Yeah, I just cleared you, again thinking you were about to land(same with Taipei)
I seem to clear late after a runway change, I guess I just forget and think I already did one

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the feedback!

@ToasterStroodie covered most of the issues I noticed. There’s just one other thing that I’ve mentioned below:

  • When two aircraft have both requested a transition, you’ll need to issue different altitudes in order to maintain separation. For our purposes, 500 feet of vertical sep is enough, meaning that a transition altitude of 3500 for G-TSTR would have been perfect.

Other than that, nice job. Keep up the good work. :)