IF515’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @VHHH

Controlling ground and tower at EDDM on Training server.

Active runways: 26R/L. Pattern work allowed. I’ll be here for at least another hour. Please come by, and help me learn ATC.


Remember to state your location and whether you’re open or closed in your title. ;)


Controlling APPR/DEPR at KSFO today on the Training server. Runways 28R/L and 1R/L open today.

It says KFSO

Oops, I changed it now. Thank you.

Controlling at KMIA.

Working as AP/DP today. I may switch to ground/tower soon, if I can get it. Feel free to fly in/out. Pattern work allowed. Please file a flight plan if not doing pattern work.

ATIS: Bravo is current. At 170353Z, wind 04003kt, 10SM visibility. FEW030, FEW060, SCT180, SCT250. temperature 28. Altimeter 30.11.

Controlling Ground/Tower at KMIA.

ATIS: Information Bravo. At 0253Z, calm winds, 10 miles visibility. SCT095, BKN250. Temperature 28, dewpoint 25. Altimeter 29.97. Departing runways 26L, 27 and 12. Arrival runways 26R/26L and 12. Pattern work is allowed.

Controlling Ground/Tower at the beautiful VHHH airport. I’ll be taking my TSATC practical soon, so please give me some good practice.

NOTAM: Departure and arrival runways are 7L/R. Pattern work is allowed. Please file a flight plan if departing from airspace.

Current ATIS Charlie. At 0300Z, wind 070, 7kts. Visibility unlimited. Clouds few at 1600, scattered at 2800. Temperature 28, dewpoint 26. QNH 1007.

I’ll swing by! I’ll give you information to help. I may be one of your pilots flying in for your practical. 🙂

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Alright well. There’s some stuff you definitely need to work on. Here are the following.

-When I announced that I was ready for takeoff and I was remaining in the pattern you never specified a direction (left or right traffic) to do my circuits in and wanted me to do an immediate takeoff with traffic on an 8 mile final which was not necessary.

-You never cleared me for the option without me having to remind you I was on right downwind touch and goes. It is your responsibility to know where I am and when to clear me instead of me having to give it constant reminders of where I am and my intentions when it was already stated I was remaining in the pattern as well as sequencing me when needed.

-When I was full stop you told me to exit runway when I was airborne and not at a safe speed for that message to be transmitted. It is important to be aware of where the aircraft are.

There are many wonderful and informative tutorials in the #tutorials section on the forum. I’d start with going on YouTube for great tutorials as well.


Hey IF515!

Sorry I couldn’t stay for long yesterday, I had to head out. Just one key point for circuits. As you noticed you kept clearing me for right circuits on 07R, and then I would disappear and then respawn and request a circuit again. This is due to a large mountain right in the circuit pattern for 07R 😉. Make sure you are aware of your airport and it’s surroundings. In this case you could clear me for take off and tell me to make left traffic, and then issue a pattern entry for 07L. Other than that, the clearances you gave we’re pretty good and timely. Hope to stop by for some more circuits next time!