IF515’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Welcome to my tracking thread. I’m practicing to become apart of TSATC and later, hopefully IFATC. Please feel free to fly in, do some pattern work if able, and give me some feedback.

The first thread was out of edits and is now closed.

Today, I’m at the beach at KFLL.

NOTAM: Departure and arrival runways are 28R/L. Departing planes please file a flight plan prior to requesting pushback. Pattern work allowed.

Current ATIS is Alpha. Winds from 270 at 10kts. Visibility 10nm. Clear. Temperature 28, dewpoint 22, altimeter 29.70.

My observations… 184YG
You did very well. everything I did you handled correctly except my pattern entry after the request to change runways the second time.
1 mistake though When Jetspeed called inbound you didn’t give him a pattern entry, just a cleared to land.

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Working Tower/Ground at KSJC today.

NOTAM: Departure and arrival runways are 30R/L. Please file a flight plan if departing from airspace. Pattern work is allowed. GA/Pattern traffic, expect 30L departure.

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