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Hey guys! Sometimes, I record flights to post to my YouTube channel. I use omelette arcade, and it’s alright, I mean you can record videos, take screenshots and go live on YouTube etc, but the quality isn’t good and it doesn’t allow you to access the video on your account on a different phone, which isn’t so good! If there’s any other YT-ers out there, what do you use to record IF? (Also what editor do you use?)

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I use iMovie for editing, and the built-in apple screen recorder.

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You see, I used to use the built in Samsung recorder, but my acctual flying phone doesn’t have it, and obviously, with Android, comes no iMovie

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I’m with @anon24319801.

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How long can you record on screen recorder?

I record with iOS/iPadOS’ built-in screen recorder. I edit with iMovie on my MacBook Air. It works so well 😁

I’ve recorded like, 4 hours with iOS’ built-in screen recorder. That’s just when I stopped; you could probably go longer though. I think it really depends on your device’s storage. Once that runs out, the recording will stop.

Hello! I use some expensive equipment to create content for my channel.
First, I use an Elgato HD60S to mirror my screen to my PC, which then runs through OBS and to Youtube (when I stream). It’s a large investment and requires both your device and a computer.

I also use the Apple Screen Recorder to record footage for videos.
I don’t have much experience with android, but have you tried looking for screen recording apps?

To edit, I use Premiere Pro. I have a school account, so I didn’t have to pay, but if you don’t already have an account then it’s another large investment.

I understand that these are things are likely way out of your budget, but it gives you an idea if you decide to further pursue a Youtube career.

If you’re interested in the quality, visit my content.


Hello! I have a fledgling youtube channel I recently started. To record, for videos under 10 minutes, i use the build in screen recorder.

For longer vids/eventual timelapses, I use Quicktime on my mac, and use a usb cable to connect. I believe smth like this exists for android as well.

I usually use iMovie to edit, though i will be switching to Davinci Resolve soon. I also use audacity for bass boosting and stuff lol.

I don’t do Infinite Flight Videos, but when it come to Editing, that’s something I’ve done a lot, and I mean a lot, since I was 10, 12 years old, I have edited videos of all kinds. I’m constantly learning more and evolving my style of editing, and since 2015, I began using Premiere Pro, and it has been the one Editing Program I’ve used for the longest time and the most.

Premiere Pro, no surprise, happens to be the editing software I’m using now for multiple projects at school right now, and with every year, surely the program gets many new, cool features that seem more complicated and imitating to use, but once you get into it, it’s a breeze. Especially with what you can do on Premiere Pro, the possibilities for editing, is virtually endless, only you put a stop to your imagination, truly.

Of course, now Premiere is more of a advanced and professional editing software, but even a beginner can start there. There are a ton of tutorials and easy to do thing in Premiere Pro. Whether you are professional or just starting out, it is a great editing software, that anyone can understand and become beter at editing with.

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