IF YouTube channel

If somebody is good at computers can you please help me be able to make a infinite flight YouTube channel also I need help using the different camera views like The drone cam And I need help learning how to make moon shots and stuff please help me. Also I need help making like fan trailers and stuff

Hey there!

Check out this tutorial guide made by DeerCrusher!

Thanks that should help. Does anyone know if you can start a YouTube channel for free


@AvioesEJogos OK thanks can you help me make one

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do u have a google account? if yes boom you already have a channel

@AvioesEJogos Yes I have a Google account but it’s in my name I don’t want it to be that I want to be like infinite flight Texas or something

change the name of it

@AvioesEJogos How do I do that

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hold on imma try to see that

Manage your account → Personal Info

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@AvioesEJogos Ok I did that now all I need is help making content Thinking of starting with a IF plane spotting video But I don’t know how to make it without all the like Hud and stuff

I also need help inserting like the writing and stuff

you’re gonna need to use replay. just tap and hold the screen for 3 seconds to hide the time bar and all the stuff. You’ll also need to change the settings to hide the callsigns and that stuff

You’ll need a video editor

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You are a very helpful man. Have my like.


All Im saying is that Im pretty sure you create a channel off of your google account, meaning that the name will automatically be your google account name but you can change the channel name without having to change the account name.

I use Videoshop so does anyone know how to insert writing

Don’t even know that existed lol, can’t help…

A lot of this you can learn by experimenting with the different camera angles yourself. A moonshot was linked earlier in this thread too. As for video editing, if it’s your channel, it’s best to try and learn how to do it yourself 🙂

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My first video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w3qfp-xPHiI&t=18s