If you're flying KNUC, KLAX, KSAN, KPSP please contribute to this poll

I really want to find out how people think on these things. Please reply if you have any other answers to this. I will make excel sheet out of result when I have some time. P.S you might already know that voters can not be identified, so being honest is highly appliciated.

What do you think about waiting in a row for departure?

  • It’s annoys me!
  • well, that is way that is.
  • controller should be doing stupid job.

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If you instructed even go around, why do you land?

  • because I want to end my flight quickly.
  • because I want to see how controllers will act.
  • because I really wanna grub others attention.
  • Nope, I always do what ATC says.

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Do you mind if ATC clears you to take off even an aircraft that not listening to instruction are heading on to the runway either from the following direction or from in front of you?

  • Yes, of course. Who doesn’t?
  • No, I don’t care

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This is applies to all regions and airports, but do you know that the when ATC says “Exit runway when able contact ground on the taxi way” it really means?

  • yes
  • no

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Thank you for your contribution.


It’s as straight forward as it can possibly be LOL. Hard to imagine someone misinterpreting this.


Yeah right :) Sometimes people just stop on the runway even I sent exit runway~ please expedite

Surprising enough, some people still misinterpret even a command as simple as that.


I don’t like it when you tell someone to expedite off the runway and then they exit at like 8 or 12 knots barely moving. It’s so annoying.


That’s why I stopped flying on Live and went back to Solo.

Sometimes I feel like doing that. Yet I know if I let my mood get the best of me I would regret it later. So I have taught myself not to let it change my mind on whether or not to purchase live.


Yeah I know. I even sometimes send “check help pages~” to that pilot. Especially if that pilot has Grade between 1 and 3.

Some KNUC controllers can’t handle all the traffic. So I decided to take off.

Controlling on playground can be frustrating! It is amazing the number of people who can tell the difference between 09L and 09R when instructed to taxi to 09R as well as people who think that "line up and wait " means to sit on the hold short line instead and spam request permission to take off. Yes it’s playground, but seriously??

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Please note that even ATC is might be wrong that not mean you can do whatever you want, and it can confuse ATC.

I know but he hasn’t allowed a airplane to take off for over 5 minutes even if there was enough seperation

Haha you might say that but most people don’t know what ‘Line Up And Wait’ means I question their existence(IM JOKING)


But if he did cleared to land for inbound traffics or saying something (not being inactive) you have to wait. Even you think there is enough separation others might not.

Sorry about that… lel, that is really annoying

I am forced to clear planes into planes when I have trolls or inactive people on the runway… It’s inevitable

You can tell its not enough. I waited over 6 minutes. The queue went over to parking. When that happens, something is not right. Also, the atc canceled landing clearences and does not know how to use line up and wait and makes you wait very long on the rubway

Oh, that big no no in real life and also should be no in advanced.

Oh I see, if the ATC doesn’t know how to use the commands this could happen, or traffic is got larger suddenly. Anyway, in general you shouldn’t, but in this case I personally agree with you if you waited for bit longer like 10~15 minutes.

Well traffic went all the way to the exit for parking at KNUC and people were already going through me.