If you were to have your own Airline...

If you had your own airline, what would be the benefits and amenities that your pilots will be receiving? How many free flights would those pilots get and give away? Should they get first class when traveling?


Well i would give them free plane airbus A380

Update: My airline went bankrupt


It would be called First Class Air.
it would be the first airline that will do away with the tradition seating setup.
No more rows and rows of seats.
It would also have no tourist class, nor a business class. First class only.

The aircraft will be setup in living rooms, with comfortable seating and couches, in a cosy homely style.
For the boring, non-sociable people, it would have an area of 1, 2 or 4 person offices, with coffee and bar area.
An a-la-carte restaurant for good dining.
Cinema; no more private TV screens - too anti-social.

Something like that.

Small golf course in the back.

Boeing only, of course.


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