If you were seated next to someone afraid of flying what would you do?

  • Ignore them
  • Try to Help Them calm down (Explain the sounds he/she might be hearing or things he/she might be seeing)

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DISCLAIMER: This topic is not meant as a “poor topic” and is only to try and see what people would do and to talk with the community, thank you.

Tell them to shut up and enjoy the ride


10/10 best response ever XD

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I would make sure there scared of driving instead of flying.


I’ll just kinda give them the death stare.


We can vote for the two options. Is there a reason for that? If not you might want to change it😉

I like to be understanding of the situation. I’ll advise them that there is nothing to be afraid of and tell them other comforting things.
Then halfway through the book I’ll read some crash investigation books and it’s all chill…


I would try and tell them what the things are. If they kept freaking out I would ignore them. If it was a long flight I would take sleeping pills and sleep lol. It actually happened once on a 4 hour flight. I had to order two glasses of wine so I wouldn’t notice as much lol


couldn’t think of a third option :p

A mix of ingoring, laugh on the inside, and explain what a ridiculous belief they have.

I help them calm down by telling them the sounds, what the flaps do, and how the wheels don’t power the airplane, then, at cruise, proceed to watch Air Crash Investigation episodes on my Ipad whilst telling them about it.


Honestly, I would ignore them unless they start talking to me about it. Then I would help explain to them the workings of the aircraft.

Being afraid of flying myself I probably wouldn’t be much help anyway :)

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It would depend on how the person would react to some explanations on how planes fly. And I would simply try to meet this person and talk to him/her on all and everything so they can be distracted from the plane noises. It’s always great to meet someone new.

I would lie: Make them more anxious, tell them it’s not the taking-off that is worrisome. It’s the landing. Its the landing gear you have to worry about! :)

That’s just me. :)


I’d tell 'em to take a chill pill cause you’re safe! 😉

Not what I did last time and pretend we are going to die.

I’d pull out my iPad, put it in an obvious spot, and watch some sort of plane crash movie!


Hey, you’re afraid of flying, aren’t ya? Listen, always look on the bright side of life. At least you won’t die alone.

But hey, fun aside:
Ask them if they’re ok and offer them to guide them through the flight if they have any questions. Don’t force them though. If the person wants to be on his own, accept it.

And please, don’t start with „flying is actually pretty safe!“. That’s like saying to someone who’s afraid of spiders „They’re actually more afraid of you.“ It won’t help anything.


And definitely don’t say that this year.