If you were only allowed to:


I am personally surprised I couldn’t find a topic like this…
If there is then please let me know…

If you were only allowed to fly from and to (essentialy pattern work) a single airport in one Livery in one aircraft, (must be in IF) what would they be?

Personally it would be CYLW in a westjet 737-700

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We already have would you rather. Though the topic is different, it is similar.

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I considered that, however this is a bit more general
If I did would you rather I would have to put in every airport and every livery and aircraft

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@Aviator_Airbus I don’t see a problem with this. This is a different game.


Oh that’s hard but I’d say KTEX, such a fun approach. I would fly the 787-8 Delta

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I’d say Madeira (LPMA) as it’s a nice approach and takeoff. Aircraft I’d probably do the Easyjet A320 for realistic purposes ;)

My favorite aircraft and livery isn’t the EasyJet A320 but I wouldn’t feel right doing anything unrealistic!


I’d say NZWN (Wellington Airport) in an Air New Zealand A320.

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Infinite Flight A318 out of KLAX so I’m not always lonely lol

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@ItsBlitz I will have to do a flight there sometime!
@AsternDestroyer realism is best eh lol
@TheCoolPilot nice!
@Lucas_Brien XD


Adelaide in a Qantas 738

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Hmm, probably the MD-11, that thing flies amazing when in manual with the trim right, and probably Kai Tak, very hard approach, makes it fun


For me I’d definitely be :);

  • NZQN - Queenstown, NZ

  • Air New Zealand, A320


That was going to be my 2nd haha


Love that too



  • CYYZ
  • Air Canada 789
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What else could have expected from you lol

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KGUC, with a 737. Perhaps United, to solve @WestJet737767’s mystery.🤣

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But what livery?
(Cues mysterious music)


KSEA delta a330-300

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