If you were one day, a moderator, what you will do, and why?

Hello everyone 👋

When a “Regular” is promoted TL4 (moderator) by a mod or staff, he have the ability to close, open, unliste, delete a topic…
But if one day, you are granted TL4, what you will do, and why?

Me, if I granted TL4, I will open all the “Guessing…” threads, because they were fun.


I would try not to close 90% of the topics that are posted 😬


The question is, will the other mods agree?

If I were a mod, I would enforce the rules of this community. Simple as that. That’s a moderator’s job.


I don’t think I’d make any dramatic changes, they do a good job. I mean I may handle some things differently and what not, but by and large I wouldn’t do a thing. Maybe push for #screenshots-and-videos to be reverted to the old way, but I understand why that had to change.


I’d just go with the flow. The system we have now has been thought out and works perfectly.


If I were to one day be a mod, I’d probably do moderator things lol

If I actually were to be a mod, I would do my best to make things fun. not that the current mods aren’t fun. thanks to all you do mods!


I will try to close most of the topics 🙂. Jk. I will probably try to answer questions and always give a detailed explanation of why I closed a topic if I closed. But being a moderator is something I will never want to do because I like my bed.


Some TL3’s like to mini-mod :)
If I were a mod i’ll just look over the community and make sure no one says anything they shouldn’t, etc.


I would follow the rules and make sure everything runs smoothly and try to help out as best as I can.


The moderators work as a team unit. They rely on each other to make decisions and manage the 20,000+ active users each day. I couldn’t see anybody being able to do much if they were TL4 other than enforce the rules and moderate the forum. Besides, I’m sure we would be answering an overload of flags before we can do anything mischievous. 😈

To answer your question, I would delete most of my earlier posts, and bury them in a dungeon so nobody can recover them. I would also reopen or continue on my favorite topic.


I would stay the same except now I a would allow airplane memes


@Levet be like

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I’ll never be a mod so I don’t have to worry about it

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If I were a mod… I’d close this thread



I’d close these kind of topics becuase literally what’s the difference in being a moderator? All you’re doing is yes, you’re given a bigger responsibility, yes you are given the trust and respect to be able to have control of your usage of your account, yes you can delete posts and all the rest… Does this make you feel different or a better person?

Being a moderator shows that you are trusted. That you can manage yourself in a social environment. In no way does it show power over another person. All a moderator is to do, is keep us all safe, which here they do a great job of with their coffee.

I’m a moderator elsewhere, I don’t see myself as a better person. That’s how you don’t get there. Be the person you are, and your true devotion is what will show your trust, respect, and care to the community.


If I were a mod, I would do the exact same thing that our current mods are doing. They do an incredible job managing this extremely active community!


Calm down, let’s just have some fun, this is what this entire community is about


I’m not saying this as a negative thing, I’m saying it as a fact, becuase these kind of threads are the reason that shows people they want to be a moderator, not be given the trust naturally.


Exactly. You don’t ask for moderator. It comes with merit, experience, and trust. It comes with years of hard work, positivity, and dedication. It doesn’t come overnight.