If you Were Chosen to Give a Presentation on IF, What Would You Show?


If you were selected to give a presentation on Infinite Flight to someone that knows nothing about it, what would you present?

I would show them the STAR’s/SID’s and ATC. But I’d also show them some of the things that are not so great, like the 757, 767 and other non-reworked aircraft. I’d explain the moderation of the servers and how the regions for each day are selected.

I’m curious to know what you would present to someone! Have fun!

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I’d show how smooth my landings are ;) and the wide variety of aircraft and liveries

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Casual server


I would show the scenery from up high, multiplayer, the live cockpits, the ATC features, flight plan features, and much more…

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How to use unicom :)

Like this tutorial I made :)


I’d hire someone who had better editing skills.

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Interesting question. But can I give an honest opinion here for a second:

Not to call you or anyone out, but I feel like people simply want to create “the next big topic”, so they go out of their way to create topics or questions that are, at least in my opinion, kind of “out there” like this one.

It’s awesome that this is moderator approved, but is there a true necessity for topics like this? I understand people want to have something fun to discuss, but half of these topics are just another iteration of the same core topic.

Take this one as an example: “give a presentation” simply means, again in my opinion, “what are the good and bad things about IF” in disguise.

Just my opinion, please don’t flag!


I in no way intend for this to be big like the “Guess the” topics. It’s actually why I asked for moderator approval before creating this. He also said that it will eventually be closed down due to the responses all getting repetitive.

This topic will spark a positive, healthy discussion within the community unlike some of the others. :)

If you’d like to continue further, please PM me!


I like this question! I’d explain the basics, show the real live cockpits in various aircraft and how the autopilot works, then I’d show them the global map and then all the liveries. In that order.

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I would show how to correctly flight plan with realism involved, and how to get the flight plan to Infinite Flight.

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I would definitely walk everyone through a FNF. Think about all of the things that have to fall into place.

  1. First, Misha chooses an airport, idea, etc.
  2. Everyone in the community gets excited, and the hype begins. There’s always a lot of collaboration on what routes exist irl, etc. Generally people who live near there or visit there often act as sort of “ambassadors” and inform everyone on it.
  3. At 0600Z, it starts! Slowly as the day goes on, those in Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, and the Americas participate! There is a constant stream of people arriving from long hauls and others doing short hops.
  4. IFATC masterfully controls the packed airports, even though they are all thousands of miles apart.
  5. The afternoon (for the Americas. Night in Europe and Africa, and morning in east Asia and Oceania.) rush hits, and everything is crazy! There is a huge variety of aircraft and liveries.

All in all, I think a FNF showcases so many great things about this simulator and community, so that’s why I would show it to others.

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I’ve done this actually for my school before as I led an Infinite Flight class at school. I included flight planning, the air traffic control aspect, wide array of aircraft types, the thousands of airports in real life in the simulator/global flight, multiplayer, animated and highly detailed aircraft models, flight physics, real life weather and how it can affect your flight. Some of the things I listed above either were listed at the start of the class or were covered during the class. Listing the benefits also made people want to be more excited for the class. We even got to do some formation once everyone had the ropes down. We went from taking off (with a tail strike or two) all the way to flying close formation. Everyone was really excited to hear the multiplayer aspect.

(One of my students flying close formation with me featuring my awful editing in 2018)


I would show their App Store page. 😛

Just kidding. I’d give a presentation with a video/IF movie, and then I’d get into features of the sim, like all the aircraft (good and bad), SIDS and STARS, cockpits, maps, multiplayer and more. Then I’d show the IFC, and all the great VA’s and VO’s out there.

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I would show every part of the beautiful globe (in a movie) as well as the cool features we have such as multiplayer with dozens of pilots flying real-time, not to mention all the rest… This has given me an idea. 👀

Why airport editing is superior above all

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How expensive it is…

How IF will be like in the future
like: 3d buildings, all planes reworked and have live cockpit, some new planes (hopefully A220, ATRs, Embraer erj jets) Aaaaand more liveries

some concepts:
Livery creator (like u create it online and import it to the game)
Clickable buttons in the cockpit (like x plane)
Add friends (or IFC community members) in game (maybe have some fun time like grp flight)
Global chat (unlikely)
Voice recognition towards atc (alternative for pressimg buttons)

I would talk about how useful Infinite Flight actually is for those aspiring pilots. It really gives you the chance to experience the highest quality when it comes to flying in a simulator and it’s a great way to learn aviation. This knowledge will also give you a boost when you enter flight school because you’ll already know a part of what you need to learn.

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