If you were a pilot what airline would you fly for and what aircraft?

I would do the 747-400 virgin Atlantic man - mco since I just got back 1 month ago ✈️✈️

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PIA 777-300ER xD obviously

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FedEx 777, boxes don’t complain


Yes that would also be nice to fly

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Cool guys

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Not if I stay on time

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I see that plane all the time I go to Manchester airport

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Thanks man, I was actually hoping to make flying for FedEx my career. As you can see in my profile picture I am already flying and building up hours. My dad’s friends works for FedEx and he has shown me all around. I got to see the A310 cockpit and he sent me a picture of the 757 HUD. (He is a 757 captain now) He can’t say enough positive things about FedEx.

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I am a commercial pilot but fly corporate only. Too many whiners at the airlines so I’ll stay where I am.

JetBlue or Air Canada A321

This will be interesting!

Cargo: FedEx Md-11
Commercial: Ryanair 737-800

Yeah a330 are nice also 737

Cathay Pacific 777-9X.

But any other airline/aircraft would be fine too.

Lufthansa A320 :D

  • British Airways (Sun-Air) Dornier 328
  • SAS Airbus A330-300
  • Emirates 777/A380
  • Qantas A380/747

Pan Am Boeing 707 in the 1960s. Fly off to exotic places like Papeete that operate on once-weekly frequencies. Get vacation with hotels and meals paid.

An airline with many different destinations in the same plane so I could get lots of short holidays😄.

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