If you want to play, please use the Free Flight server

Good evening, all.

So I log into TAPA ground and tower this evening, hoping for an hour or so of enjoyable controlling on the Playground server. I had some very nice pilots following the rules, checking in, had them sequenced beautifully to land. Then an F-16 appears on the scope 10 miles out at 10,000 feet doing 900 knots check in asking to land. Annoyed, sure. Ask him to slow down, reduce speed, descend to pattern altitude. He complies and I somehow sequence him in. Then not two minutes later, an F-22 who was in my view but at FL160+ dives down to 5,000 feet doing more then 1,200 knots about 8 miles out on the centerline asks to land. Not this again. I tell him to do a 360 - as I had three on final. He doesn’t comply. He continues inbound, miracousouly getting down to landing altitude, but only a 1/2 mile behind the F-16 I managed to squeeze in (after having to beg the three guys in The Boeing jets on final to maintain slowest speed, which they graciously did).

This type of behavior is ruining this game for me. I fly and enjoy being on the Advanced server. Top notch ATC. But I do enjoy being ATC as well. And I realize it’s the playground server, so I try to keep that in mind. However, it seems that there is sometimes a blatant disregard for any kind of decorum or maturity. Granted, most are professional and accommodating and that’s what makes being ATC so rewarding.

However, the ones that disregard ATC - not out of a lack of knowledge or effort - but rather a willful disregard and wanton respect for the intent of the Playground server - are what keeps me from logging on and trying to provide a modicum of ATC service and enjoyment for the folks who want to play by the rules.

A rant, yes. But the frustration level has been growing steadily recently. I want everyone to have fun. If you’re flying in the Playground, understand that ATC is not there to squash your good time. We try to make it enjoyable for everyone. I mean, who doesn’t love to be on final and see 5 heavies ahead of you sequenced perfectly? But if you want to fly with no restrictions and do 1,250 knots on final, please do it on the Free Flight server.

Thanks for listening, and smooth flights.



Agreed in sick of that as well when trying to control its very frustrating and messes with everyone else.


If you’re so impatient that you have to fly a fighter jet that goes warp speed 5, then they’re always going to be too impatient to line up on final / be vectored etc. it kills me too. Thankfully they are normally bored after 10 minutes and end their flight so the rest of us can enjoy ourselves

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I said it twice I’ll say it again; GIVE PLAYGROUND ATC’s A HAMMER!
“RETURN TO PARKING” let them restart the sortie. Send them back to “Go”, they’ll learn, particularly the high number hot shoots who flat hat in your face!
Max Sends


Yeh but sending them back to parking, I still don’t think they will listen, just my opinion, I don’t think the playground will ever improve because it’s there to make mistakes and “LEARN” from and people just abuse it, to me it’s like the free flight server just with atc, it is dissapointing that this happens tho

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I don’t think there trying to improve maybe I’m wrong but if they where serious wouldn’t they have checked the forum or the site by now if they where serious to learn. The playground has become what the free server was intended for almost.

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Ignore them. They will never go away and they exist to piss you off so if you do the opposite, they really will see no reason to fly and they may go away.

Long live the DC-9!

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What does the report user button do

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The report button does work if it is used by two different people. So if someone is reported twice they get ghosted. This works pretty well and should be more publicised. Yesterday I was on approach with a few other heavies who were well behaved, and 2 planes suddently appeared from nowhere and went straight for landing with no consideration for the flow. I reported them, and someone else probably did because they just disappeared from the map all of a sudden!

So in a nutshell: if someone behaves incorrectly, just report them. It just takes 2 people reporting someone to get them ghosted as far as I understand.


Absolutely agree with this well-balanced post. Of course, many of us using the Playground are still learning - to use the ATC correctly, to enter airspace and hook up with Approach, to fly(!) - and it’s controllers like these who are trying to help us get enough experience to risk having a pop at the Advanced server. Folk who simply ignore the “rules” just make life tedious for the vast majority who just want to have fun.

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Yes agreed this should be publicised,

they should stick it on the loading screen for a week or two. Then everyone will see it

So your saying free servers?