If you really love Infinite Flight...Do This

FDS just dropped a sick update, the long awaited 787 has finally been added with wing flex and everyone is losing their mind at how cool it is.

Lets show the developers we care about the work they put in by leaving a review on the App store and google play store. These positive reviews really help them stand out and make more people join the IF community.

More people = more money for FDS = better updates = omg = cya later x-plane = world domination

It takes two minutes. DO IT!

iOS app store link

Google play store link


I already did!


I did it in 30 seconds

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Waiting for PC edition in steam store… Definitely it’s more cool if it was in PC platform and I’ll play with 3 LCD!

If they doesn’t develop for PC den just live with what it got :)

If you really love Infinite flight…DO THIS!

: Spend ya money

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Why LCD when you can have LED

Well, it’s typo… As long as u know what I means can ad…

Currently I’m playing f1 2015 with 3 monitor… Now just waiting f1 2016 to be released, 2 weeks more to go :)


Shouldn’t the 2016 version be released by now?
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Already did. Let’s get IF to the top charts!

“DO IT” Reminds me of starsky and hutch haha all jokes aside everyone should leave a review it takes up 2 minutes of your life DO IT

https://youtu.be/M9-IZ1pNk00 heres the video for you guys to laugh at

After what Steam did to FSX, it makes me vomit.

Just reviewed it on the App store!

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