If you land at a smaller airport than your plane

I landed at ONE airport not four. This is absolutely ridiculous can someone please tag a person I can rant at so I can get my grade 3 back.

Nope no speed violations when I land I get spammed with “You’re aircraft is bigger than the opperating size of this airport” or something

There are many violations that can occur during your flight…

  1. Taxiway speed cannot be more than 35 knots.
  2. Your plane must be in 250knots when below 10000ft.
  3. Acrobatics should not be done near any Airports.
  4. Avoid airspaces that have standing requirements higher than yours.

For more related info, go to: http://feedback.flyingdevstudio.com/knowledgebase/articles/421098-what-are-violations-and-how-to-avoid-them


Here are the reasons why you can get a violation.

Don’t block the runway… That’s 5

Simple solution: Either choose an appropriate airport for your plane, or go on Free Flight.


What did you do when you got the warning?

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My question is what aircraft and what airport did you landed

767-300 was the plane I was flying and I landed at London city airport.

Well you should’ve turned around when you got the warning.


I already landed that was the probelm what was I supposed to do? Baring in mind this is advanced I can’t just take off again

You should have chosen an appropriate airport for your plane. And once you got the warning your should have quit. Was this airport controlled?

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No it wassent but there was people waiting to takeoff also how exactly do I choose a good airport?

London City is a Delta class airport. So it cannot handle large planes such as your 767. If you click on the airport it will give you the class:)


The A318 is allowed but it takes almost the whole runway to take off in normal weight, I don’t think the 767 will take off or land even in light weight and Flaps 30.

nope nope nope nope nope the biggest plane you should ever! and I repeat ever! fly into LCY is a A318 no other ones are designed for it.

no! breaks down

Carson wheels me off to a mental hospital



You should have known not to fly a 767 in the LCY. You can check before your flight even. Once you get that warning, you should exit imediently! It’s your fault you got the violations, so they shouldn’t be removed even if there was a way.

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plus when you run out of runway you should go around anyway…