If you had to give up a plane in IF what would it be?

If you had to give up a plane in IF to get a new one what would it be and what would you replace it with.
There are rules to this the plane you give up would have to be a similar kind like geting rid of the 737-700 to get an A350.

Probably the Super Decathlon or Spitfire.


The c172. I never fly it.

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how is that simular as one is a narrowbody medium range jet whilst the other is a long range wide body…?

Would give up the A330-300 for an A330-200 … ;-)


There both passager planes.

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one of the fighters probably

Don’t forget to say what you would replace it with

C-17 never use it. Bad animations as well


Would give up several 747s for the concorde


Super decathlon. I hate that aircraft

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I would give up the super decathlon for a PA-28 Cherokee

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I would prefer whether the smallest 737 or the smallest Airbus (A318). Both of them for an ATR 72-600 maybe :)

I’d swap the C17 for an A400M atlas. 😍

(And before ya say that they essentially look the same, nuh uh. Turboprops are cool.)


Dash 8Q400 for the DC3. For all you Dash fans, the DC3 is a amazing plane and you need to replace a propeller plane for a properller plane.

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I’d replace the Dash 8 with an ATR-72.

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Would give up the C-17 for the C-5. The animations and quality are bad.

So long C-17! That thing sucks!

If I had to give up any commercial airliner it would probably be the 737-900, since I hardly use it

CRJ-200!! Has absolutely NO value to me at all.


Probably the Decathlon to be honest