If you had to choose one livery to fly with, for the rest of your IF career, what would it be, and why?

Picture this (completely hypothetical) you had to chose only one livery to use for the rest of ur life (only in IF) what would you chose?

I know id chose old green livery for aer lingus, because it’s so nice!


g e n e r i c


Haha, well that would work!

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Ryanair because It’s my favourite airline.

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Nice, I like it!

Delta cause they have verity there fleet


That’s true

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american because the livery is beautiful and nice fleet. could i fly the American Eagle crj’s as well?

I suppose lol

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then yep, definitely american!

Lufthansa because the have a wide variety of aircraft and I want to be a pilot for them in the future


I guess it’s still American

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Good luck! Hope u get there!

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the airline with the most planes aka. generic


Haha, amazing

Generic or HiFly as they have all my fav. aircraft A340, A330neo etc.)

Navy Blue TBM-930. There’s nowhere on earth the TBM can’t fly with stops, and the Navy Blue livery is the only good looking one on the TBM.

TAAG because it´s the airliner of my country of birth

Definitely the IF livery!

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Alaska Airlines new livery, it’s almost perfect imo