If you had the chance to own an international airport, Which airport would you choose and why?

I am very curious, since we are apart of an aviation community but it’s rare to see people talk about airports.

I’d personally make some changes to the pricing of the airport’s goods/services.


I would sell it and use the money to build my dream house.


WSSS bc idek

EDDF because it is nice and big

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elaborate please.

many airports are nice and big but I am asking what would YOU do? As Airport owner.

Its very nice and i could sell it more billions

It would be KATL. The only thing I would change would be allowing spotters to view the tower and go spotting from up top (it’s got some fantastic views)

OMDB as you can go almost anywhere in the world from there :)

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KORD all the way! It’s time to make US airports privatized and turning a profit!

It’s been done elsewhere, look at Heathrow! The largest airport by passenger volumes that is 100% privately owned! Airports are a business, not just a public commodity!

CYVR because it’s Cnaada, I love Vancouver, it has a very wide range of routes and aircraft, it runs my two most favourite airlines including my VA, and has been voted the best North American airport many times.


I could have guessed


KMSO! Small airport but still is an International airport. Beautiful, and is also my home airport.

I would get JetBlue and WestJet to start service, equip runway 30 with a localizer, and speed up construction of the new terminal.

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I choose Hoonah Airport (PAOH). I would add gates so scheduled passenger and cargo flights could fly there, and extend the runway so larger aircraft can land, like a Dash-8 or a EMB-120.

I’d own DFW, kick out AA completely and make them move to Fort Worth Alliance

Then I’d drop $1,000,000 incentives and waive all landing/parking fees for any new foreign airline to launch 3x daily service.

Then I’d build 10 A380 gates, demolish Terminal C and D, and turn it into a parallel terminal.


OMG 15 replies in less than 10 minutes, thank you so much for contributing to this. I am so happy right now.

Make it my own private airport and I would live there

WSSS because it’s the best in the world in my opinion. I would do nothing and would let the designers do their thing so they keep up the amazing work. Also I would make it a rule that I get a free Michelin Star Chicken they sell there everyday for free

KLGA Because I would like it To make it bigger (still only US flights) and better

Munich Int. Airport (MUC/EDDM)
Why ? Idk I would sell like 50%, buy a private jet and then I don’t have to pay for landings or the parking lol

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