If you had an airline, which alliance would it be in?

Note: There is a similar topic like this:

But this was made as that one was closed AND that topic had only 4 options, leaving out the minor alliances.

Back to the topic: Here are the list of alliances:

  • SkyTeam
  • Oneworld
  • Star Alliance
  • Etihad Airways Partners (Note: This is not considered to be an alliance as Etihad owns minority shares in 7 other airlines which have become members that way)
  • Vanilla Alliance
  • U-FLY Alliance
  • Value Alliance
  • No Preference
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And please tell why you chose what you chose! And for more info about their members, please visit their respective Wikipedia pages.


I’ll choose Star Alliance.


Oneworld has top airlines such as Qatar Air, Qantas and Cathay


None! It is possible to have success as an airline and not be in an alliance, just look at Southwest and jetBlue!

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Vanilla Alliance because I like the name


I’ve never heard of a lot of these.I will choose Sky team.

I chose None because if I chose one of these, my conscience asks me why I didn’t vote for some other alliance. And then I go cuckoo.

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Star Alliance only for me


One World is the best!!

One world all the way !

I would definitely choose the Star Alliance. Many great airlines.

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Value sucks only because Tigerair is in it. And they are not trustworthy considering their reputation, the Singapore branch is merging into Scoot and the Australian branch is just terrible.

SkyTeam sounds like my kinda alliance

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