If you had a private jet, what would it be?

If you had a private jet what would it be and why. Mine would be a A380 because it is the largest plane which would mean I could have lots in it. Also what would you have in it I would have a games room.

I would have a private 747-8. The only problem is that it costs around 500 million. Sigh…
Other than that, I’d own a citation jet because of its luxury and ability to fly into smaller airports like Aspen.

Probably an MD-11 because it’s my favorite plane

I’d love a private a318. Either that or a Citation.

787-9 easily - but would completely redesign the interior to fit my personal interests and style

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A BBJ737-700.
Nice medium size plane. Nothing too extravagant.

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Duplicate, continue here ;).


I would have the citation x because I would personally like privacy but not on A HUGE SCALE! :)