If you had a chance to work for a Airline who would you choose?

I would love to fly the DC-3 and DC-6 for Buffalo Airways

Let’s hope the twin Hill uniforms are gone by then but I like American airlines also

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Lufthansa, Qantas, Emirates, AA, Delta, Cathay Pacific

Virgin Australia, Qantas.

Lufthansa, Etihad, Emirates, Qantas, Singapore, Icelandair, Norwegian and United. Basically every airline lol.

My home airline, British airlines or Etihad:)

You better have the money and experience @OJFam

Only time will show. @Ryan_Farell


Last year- Monarch
This year- EasyJet

That’s pretty much it

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Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, any airline that would pay me the most money and also allows me to pursue my interest and have fun.

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Whichever offered me the best work / life balance lol. If I had to pick one SATA Air Azores. I’ve flown with them a few times and it seems like a fun work environment for the employees. Most major airlines have awesome fleets so that’s not much of a concern to me. The work environment such as the company culture, whether or not employees are happy, etc is most important to me.

Doing the math, you spend more time at your job in a 7 day week than anywhere else. It’s important that that job benefit you more than it drains you!

Then I would pick United. They have a numerous fleet, very nice people, pay really great, and have a ton of routes across the world! :)


I would work for Emirates or British Airways

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Oh, I did not make this topic, I just responded to it with my choice of airlines to work for. But yeah that is a nice choice!

Aeroflot, Alaska, AA, AA Eagle, Eva, Lufthansa, Qatar or S7.

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I have always wanted to work for British Airways, and now I do. So @Federico_1444 go for it and you will love it!

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From foreign: Delta, Qatar, Etihad, Emirates, KLM
From Russian: S7 Airlines, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, UTair

Singapore Airlines!!

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Delta, or Korean air, they both seem classy.

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