If you fly at night or land at night do you get extra XP points

The title says it all… Do you get extra XP for flying or landing at night ??

I don’t know? I will try maybe try and see what happens. Go do a flight in the day. see what so you get and do one in night the same route you did in the day and see how much do you get at night and you will see the difference. Happy landings !

No, since time can be adjusted whenever you want, no xp by performing might landings changes

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I did not think of that wow great thinking.nice job !

Thank you both. :) @Swang007 please close or delete this topic. Thanks

It depends only on quality and winds.

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On that same topic, do you get more if you don’t use auto pilot?

Unfortunately no…
But you get more if you don’t use the Autoland.

Thanks guys :)

how is this under the support thread?