If you find an airport with Hold Short spawn points, post them here

Kapo in the San francisco region

Its not KAPO, KAPO is not in the San Fran region, its KPAO - Will fix it :D

Sorry about that

Just flew at Opa Locka, FL (KOPF) and noticed the hold short rwy xx spawn points

Check the list above ;) If I have it stricken out (yes) I have removed them… :)

I see now…apologies

KRIL /filler/

KFLO in Charlotte.

Remember to add real airports in Infinite Flight. Someone edited “KIRL”, which is not an airport in Infinite Flight.

As stated in the original post, edit them in, it’s a wiki.

Only Regulars/TL3 can edit the Wiki.

KHAF, runway 12, we can spawn almost hold short line.

It is KRIL. @IceBlue made a typo editing my reply into the main post.

Anyways, i removed it

Oh… My bad.

@dush19 I still sent a whole list into our slack and also every aiport with such spawn points is marked in github… Just check it there.

All spawns removed