If you do not like a purchase, can you ask for a refund?

The title says it all. Thank you very much for helping out.

I am on IOS


Refunds are handled through Apple. You’ll have to contact them.

Arn’t you given 14 days, But will you get a 100% refund?

I don’t know how long you have, I just know that IF can’t really do anything about it. Try calling Apple, they may help you.

Thank you very much for the help

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No problem.

You have probably been helped, but anyone who wants a refund too, visit:

You will have to log in with your Apple ID. You will see a list of purchases. Just click the one you want a refund for. A drop down list will appear. Choose from the options and add an explanation OR select ‘I want a refund for this item’ (or something similar) to get a full refund within a few days.

After 90 days, you cannot refund anymore, except if you contact Apple Support. Also, after given approx. 15-20 refunds you will NEVER be able to refund your products again with that Apple ID. Yes, I found it out the hard way.
So do spend your refunds carefully.


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No, because when it gets refunded you will lose access to it.


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Bright idea…the devs deserves all the money they get. Remember how small company they are and tho that they are working always and always when the servers are down Matt is on it right away. So bright ideas…if you see it that way I let ya do it but keep this in mind

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Fully agreed. (Actually, donate button would be great and should be first priority on ‘to do’ list!)

Nice try benny1263 God loves them

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