If you created an airline, what would it be like?

My airline, Hellasways will be a Greek Carrier based on the island of Rhodes. With soo much tourism the population of the island can even double or triple! I will build a new hub airport to accommodate all my aircrafts. Hellasways is a luxurious airlines, a typical first class seat is considered a Busniess class seat in Hellasways. We will be flying select routes from the Globe to Rhodes. We give our passengers a personal Retina Display T.V even in Economey Class! On our Intercontinental flights we will use the back of the plane to have a kitchen to cook up our passengers a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ meal even in Economey! Lastly I will have high speed Wi-Fi. Our airline is aiming for efficiency so we are not going to use old aircraft like the B747-400 etc. Our airline is also under development of Thunder I, a plane that seats 145 passengers. It can go up to 35,000 kph without using a single bit of gas. It will use lightening! Lightening will be erected from the back of the plane to the engines. The engine gives a path for the lightening to move. Then it starts out of the engine and immediately dies away. The pilot can control the speed of the plane by egecting a certain amount of lightening per second. We will not be selling this aircraft to other airlines for 3 years after it is put to passenger service.

A flight from RHO (Rhodes) to ATH (Athens) (C100):
Economey: $45 per person round trip
Business: $75 per person round trip

A flight from RHO to BLD (Bradley Int’l) (787-9):
Economey: $457 per person round trip
Economey Vintage: $504 per person round trip
Business: $1921 per person round trip
First Class Rooms (7 by 5 ft): $3777 per person round trip

A flight from KJFK to YSSY (Lightening I):
Economey Vintage: $2940 per person round trip


I will make it like Air Koryo. Just sayin’


It would have the same logo as EA. Tickets are 50% cheaper than competitors. To enter the plane it’ll cost $5. To use your seat belt it’ll be $2, to use the IFE it’ll be $10, to get a seat with this option available will be an additional $30. Drinks and Food not provided. To use the restroom you’ll be charged $5.99.


AirThrust. Aussie based airline owned partially by Qantas.


My airline, Latinoamérica Airlines, would be an Mexican Carrier based on main attractive cities and places for tourists all over the continent. I would be an airline based on Cancún International Airport in México, with tourists population to the roof, would be a gold mine due to its famous places, beaches, and islands (Playa Tortugas, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Cancún, Ruinas El Rey, etc.).

Some luxurious and comfortable aspects of Latinoamérica Airlines:

  • Excellent partnership with Cancún hotel chains so passengers would have a reserved room in the hotel of their choice. There is no small profit by arranging deals.

  • No more queues, the boarding of the passengers is now done electronically with a dedicated machine. For more comfort, an employee is assigned to a specific numbers of machines for the disposal of the costumers.

  • No more rush in the halls, lost objects or long minutes searching for a strategic place, Latinoamérica Airlines now offers its own waiting rooms.

  • Reclining seats of good quality, containing shape memory foam and soft covering on which are printed the colors and logo of the airline.

  • Ticket prices 15% cheaper than competitors. A 5% discount over the ticket price is available for kids younger than 10 years old, area residents, and tourists traveling for the tenth time with the airline. Light meals and selection of drinks are included in the ticket price. Alcoholic drinks such as tequila, beer, champagne and more are available for purchase with a 7% fee.

And so much more. © All rights reserved. Mario Puig. Lol.


I would fly. They are never late and most importantly, never overbook. Hell yeh I want an airline that doesn’t overbook. Tell me when your airline is open.

My airline would be an Aussie based one with domestic flights around Australia and some countries however just confining to the continents of Asia, Zealandia and obviously Oceania


All rights reserved doesn’t mean anything. It wouldn’t help out your company any more if you had written on your paper.

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I am going to start an airline later on in life maybe after college. But here is the stats:

Base of operations: KLAX, KJFK
Aircraft: 737max 8,9 and 787-9.
Routes to Europe and Asia
And seasonal destinations to save on money.
The name I have but can’t discuss it until it is trademarked.


My airline, Sousairlines, would be based in Tianjin, even though im portugueses, because TSN has so many demand. My airline would fabricate planes that are so cheap to operate that its so easy to make profit. All economy seats look like “the residence”, business seats would be flats, And First seats would be a penthouse, with a private garden.
The airline only operates 4 floors high planes, that spend 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001 kg of fuel per ten hours and in a massive flight the expenses would be just the tiny amount of fuel and the 5 pilots salary (aprox. 50.000€) and 50 cabin crew salary (approx 50.000€). The amount of passengers would be up to 1000, and with prices up to 700€, the profit would be up to 600.000 €
As my airline is based on China, i would have investment from those billionaires. The cost of The planes would cost 100€, and The demand would be very high

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You’re going to start an airline? In real life? Wow… You’re going to enter a very… very competitive market especially because your hubs are one of the most busiest airports in the world. Not the best business idea I must admit.


Name- Southern Express Airlines
Fleet- 3 MD-11F|2 727F|1 Custom 737-10F Max|2 Sabb 340 for Transport
Base- KMCO
Destinations- Any International Airport in the US or Outlying US island’s.
Cost- $1.25 Per Pound for any object no bigger than 20 ft in diameter. Vehicles no bigger than a SUV allowed. Animals not allowed.

I know it is a competitive market but I’m ready for anything that’s thrown at me. But believe me the business model I have written down is amazing, but the services will put my airline out there and make it the greatest. Like even little changes can make the passengers experience better such as instead of 9 abreast seating do 8 abreast seating and widen the seats but make the cost cheaper. I also plan on taking advantage of “startup Boeing” which is something Boeing started to help people start there airline.

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I like your optimism! The business model may be great and great for customers… but I highly doubt you’ll be making money by providing premium for low-cost prices… I just don’t think it will work. But hey, I’m not a billionaire (I’m still in high school) and I can’t judge you as I assume we’re peers. But again, you can’t just make an airline out of nowhere, you’d need a large investor and I highly doubt you’ll get a bank loan for at least £2bn; you’ll have to seek a debenture which is only given to companies with prior success history.


@Maxim There is a program called “startup Boeing” which was started by Boeing to help you start your airline from Small aspects to large aspects like what planes you will have and what routes you will have.😀

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ooo, very interesting just had a quick read. I’d say it’s a very very useful piece of info. Still, getting investors to invest in your airline will be really tough because of all the competition. I sincerely wish you luck, and hope to see your airline in the skies at some point in time :)


@Maxim Thank you so much for the luck you don’t know how much that means because I was having second thoughts but now I’m ready to start it. My airline will paint the skies green.( The main color is green.) 😀👍


I can give my virtual airline in safe hands. The airline has not yet been published and has not been confirmed by IFVARB. Website, documents - everything is there. I can not manage this because there is not enough time (even in summer). Write to PM for more information.

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