If you could start an airline

If you were to create an airline…What would it be like? Large or small, domestic, international or both? Well, heres what my airline would consist of…
A low cost international airline based out of JFK
Operating A320/321’s as well as CRJ-700’s
Also I’d have a JetBlue-type configuration (Above avg. legroom, WiFi, in-seat TV, Free snacks and drinks etc.)’
Focus Cities: San Fransisco, New York Like BUF, SYR, HPN, Fort Lauderdale/Orlando
Routes would consist of Transcontinentals, domestics and regional such as JFK-LAX/SFO, JFK, HPN, SYR, BUF- FLL, JFK-DFW, JFK-PHL etc.
What would yours be like? Did I miss anything?

sorry about any duplicates, I couldn’t find any :)


I would create one that had the best service that would allow me to make a decent enough profit, after all without the profit the good service can’t continue.
As for aircraft that depends on your needs and the routes your operate, no airline decides on a plane because they like it because in that case I would have a bunch of A380’s flying 3 hour routes 😂


I would create an airline that is based out of Love Field that flys CRJs and 208s around Texas to small cities that have around 100,000-500,000 people like College Station, Abilene, San Angelo, Midland, El Paso, Lubbock, Amarillo, Houston, San Antonio, Terrell, Marshall, Del Rio, Gainesville and Corpus Christi. If I would start an airline, my goal is to have cheap $50 one way tickets around Texas that everybody can afford. Some cities above American Airlines and United flys to but it’s like $200 each way if you book 2 months out! A great business tool is when you have cheaper prices, you make more money than larger companies for the same product at 3 times the amount. If you are wanting to visit College Station to an Aggie football game from Abilene, you would need to connect though DFW that’s super expensive! But $50 dollars non-stop from Abilene to College Station. “It’s hard to start an airline, but it’s even harder to make a profitable airline.” Tell me your thoughts about this idea!


I would fly anti-traffic routes, in busy places like LA and New York. Be super cheap, take off from littler airports across town, such as Ontario and Santa Ana, and fly to bigger airports such as LAX for connections. Fly small planes like Dash-8s and Bombadiers and have super cheap tickets, just for the people to skip traffic, because as many know, trying to get to LAX is a nightmare. I think it could work.

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Haha, nice!

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A Vancouver-based low-cost airline with a fleet of Bombardier CSeries jets with good legroom (32 in.), free snacks and drinks, seatback TVs, and WiFi. Focus cities would be YYZ, YYC, LAS, LAX, SFO, and HNL.

Wouldn’t this have the effect of bringing traffic (for security purposes) to a smaller airport that it simply can’t handle?

You’d spend more time in a security line than you would in the air. I can see this working as a helicopter service but otherwise no. Let’s not forget the runway setup at LAX and the fact that you’ll still be waiting on a gate to open up on the other side.

It’s a logistical nightmare.

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I would handle services on 737s, A321s, CRJs, and 747s. Don’t forget the A380s. The airline would base out of Newark, and would fly to the following cities;
Fort Lauderdale
New Orleans
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Salt Lake City

I would also want it to operate out of all continents but Antarctica. Cities that would be accessible from Newark;
Abu Dhabi
Sydney (via Dubai)
Cape Town

That’s it.

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Yeah, I could see that issue. I know at lax they do offer shuttles between terminals so you don’t have to go back through security. And I am not sure if you have, but when you drive from Ontario to LAX, it takes about 45 mins to go the first 35 miles there, and about 2hrs. to go 1 miles once you get to the airport. Just an idea.

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I would make Ansett, Stephen Byron would then be forced to build a new terminal just for us. We also are a aircarft manufacturer which is being built in kowna
We have codeshares with Qantas flying up to Sydney and other places.

Our domestic network:
Canberra-Sydney- 737-800(x5), 737MAX8
Canberra-Melbourne- 737-800, 737MAX8
Canberra-Perth: A330-900, A350-900
Canberra-Carins: 737-800(x3)
Canberra- Alice springs: ATR 42-600, 737MAX7

International network:
Canberra- Lax: 777X, 747-8i(2)
Canberra-San Fransisco: A350-10, A350-9(4)
Canberra-New York via. San Diego: A330-900, A350-9
Canberra-Hong Kong: A350-900(5)
Canberra-Singapore: A380-800(2) (Codeshare w/Singapore airlines)
Canberra-London Via Singapore: A380,A330(2)
Canberra-Paris via Perth: A350
Canberra-Tokyo: A350

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Hi Emirates :P, they also got profits and their location is strategic too.

Think about it. Think about it time🕝 to get there.

BY YOUR DREAM AIRLINE (leave home at 9:10am) costs $11
From Inglewood: Walk fifteen minutes to airport (9:25am)
Check bags in: 5 minute line (9:30am)
Long-a** security line: 20 minute line (9:50am)
Sit at gate for 10 minutes (10:00am)
Boarding @ 10:00am
Boarding ends at 10:20am
Takeoff @ 10:35am
Land @ 11:10am
Long-a** wait for bags: 20 minutes (11:30am)
Walk to destination: 10 minutes (11:40am) in Ontario

DRIVING to Ontario (leave home at 9:10am) costs $8-9 in fuel
80 minute drive from Inglewood
Arrive @ 10:30am

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I think you have me misunderstood. It’s for the folks that live a ways away from LAX and don’t want to drive through the busy So Cal traffic, so they take a hopper form their local airport to LAX to skip the security at LAX and all the traffic getting there. But I see what you’re saying, it wouldn’t work the other way. And, if you live in Inglewood, why would ever need to come up to Ontario? ;)

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Yes but they bought those aircraft for their needs, if I hade a short haul airline and purchased a bunch of A380’s it would because I wanted them not because I needed them

If I could start a airline I would base it off of Southwest Airlines. Offering low fares free peanuts, pretzels, and of course bags fly free.


Focus City’s
-Washington D.C.
-New York


Name: Latair
Fleet would be:
-Bombardier CS100
-Bombardier CS300
Type: Low Cost
‘‘USA and Canada only’’
Hubs: YUL, YWG, FLL and BOS
Focus Cities: New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Boston

Whatever people need.

Swabian Airlines
with A321LRs and maybe A330-XXXneos
based in Stuttgart (EDDS)
operating long-haul routes from Stuttgart to bigger cities around the world so that our great companies based in Baden-Württemberg don’t have to drive to Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich…

Australian Airlines
Flying popular domestic and international routes to/from Australia and New Zealand.
Operating Boeing 737MAX aircraft suited in size for each domestic route (between Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin, Uluru, Alice Springs, Broome, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart).
Operating Embraer E-190-E2 aircraft on regional routes (eg. Major airports to/from Newcastle, Broken Hill, Hamilton Island, Kalgoorlie)
Operating Boeing 777x aircraft suited in size for each international route (eg. Between Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Los Angeles, New York, London, Beijing, Moscow)

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Macau Airways:

[details=Fleet]10 737-700
10 737-800
2 737-900
3 757-200
1 787-8
On Order:
2 787-8
3 737-900
2 A300-600
15 727-200
1 757-300
3 767-300
2 767-200
3 737-600[/details]

All from Macau:
Los Angeles
Kuala Lumpur
Hong Kong (Charter)
Guangzhou (Charter)
Mumbai (Charter)
Saipan (Charter)
Moscow (Charter[/details]