If you could only pick one of the features for 20.1, what would it be?

I don’t know how to create a poll, so just put your number and why below.

  1. 777 Re-Work
  2. VNAV
  3. Long Haul Crash Fix
  5. Clouds
  6. Oceanic Tracks
  7. No Ghosts
  8. Taxi Diagrams
  9. Realistic Airspace
    10… Something I missed

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You know what the good thing about 20.1 is? We won’t have to pick which one to choose; we can have all of them! ;)


Wisely spoken Maxim!

Unfortunately, that’s not entirely correct. It’s being renamed and the system gets a few tweaks but you’ll still have to follow to rules and IFATC instructions, otherwise you may receive a violation (previously called ghost or report). Have a browse through the blogpost, it explains a lot of this! 😊