If you could manage any airline

Probably PIA, I would do a giant transformation

easliy all airlines owned by tata group i would use expand air india’s fleet to have more 777w 77x and more 787 and a few 787 10 and use them for long haul routes. i wold also improve their in aircraft offering. the i would give all their short haul aircraft to vistara to run full service oprations inside india and so full service routes outside of india. then i would use air asia india to run low service routes inside of india and air india express low cost routes to the middle east and south and east asia. i would also take so long haul planes from air india and order some a330 neos to male a long haul low cost air line probably called indian airlines. this will resuld in them having a monopoly in the indian avation market.


Very complicated but good decision btw Indian Airlines was a former airline in India @Fourthnebula919

i know i would use the same livery its perfect for the a330

That looks in my mind pretty nice tbh

I would definitely take over and manage Suriname Airways to expand its fleet and routes. It currently has about only 10 routes.

I’d take over Lufthansa just because it’s my favorite. Honestly not too much needs to be done in this case. I would only look for some cheap modern long haul aircraft to start replacing the Quadjets. I would also order the A221 and A223 for Lufthansa CityLine as well as the Mainline to replace the EJets, CRJs and A319s.

I would take over spirit, give even less leg room, make tickets free but you have to be pilot. We will also use the A380 only and it is all economy crammed together. No bathrooms or galleys so we have more room for seats. If o you want food on the flight, you pay 10 dollars

Something’s not adding up mate 🤔😁

You see, instead of oxygen masks here on spirit, we drop your one vegan food bar out of the roof


I would love to take over Logan Air - managing small routes and smaller aircraft yet still flying into places like Heathrow would be really fun to be CEO off.

The Future of United’s Fleet, 2025, (If I was CEO of course)

Fleet 2025


  • A319-100 (80) (0 OR) *1997
  • A320-200 (75) (0 OR) *1999
  • A321neo (15) (55 OR) *OR 2023
  • A321XLR (5) (45 OR) *OR 2024
  • A350-900XWB (0) (45 OR) *OR 2027


  • 737-700 (30) (0 OR) *2005 (ex. con)
  • 737-800 (125) (0 OR) *2003 (ex. con)
  • 737-900 (3) (0 OR) *2006 (ex. con)
  • 737-900ER (135) (0 OR) *2008 (ex. con)
  • 737MAX7 (0) (50 OR) *OR 2025
  • 737MAX8 (55) (19 OR) *2021
  • 737MAX9 (50) (125 OR) *2016
  • 737MAX10 (29) (221 OR) *OR 2023
  • 757-200 (20) (0 OR) *1996 (ex. con)
  • 757-300 (5) (0 OR) *2002 (ex. con)
  • 767-300ER (25) (0 OR) *2000 (ex. con)
  • 777-200A (5) (0 OR) *1995
  • 777-200ER (35) (0 OR) *2002 (ex. con)
  • 777-300ER (25) (10 OR) *2017
  • 787-8 Dreamliner (11) (0 OR) *2012 (ex. con OR)
  • 787-9 Dreamliner (40) (0 OR) *2014
  • 787-10 Dreamliner (25) (0 OR) *2018

[Air Wisconsin] *ORD *IAD
CRJ-200 (23) (0 OR) *2002

[CommutAir] *IAD *IAH *DEN
ERJ-145XR (47) (0 OR) *2004
EATR-72-600 (0) (100)

[GoJet Airlines] *ORD *EWR
CRJ-550 (70) (0 OR) *2006, *RF 2019
ECRJ-550 (0) (35 OR)

[Mesa Airlines] *LAX *IAH *EWR
ERJ-175LR (70) (2 OR) *2011
ES-19 (0) (200 OR) *OR 2026
EVTOL aircraft (0) (150 OR) *OR 2024

[Republic Airlines] *EWR *IAH *ORD
ERJ-170 (25) (0 OR) *2012
ERJ-175LR (30) (0 OR) *2015

[SkyWest Airlines] *DEN *SFO *LAX *IAD *ORD
CRJ-200 (25) (0 OR) *2004
CRJ-700 (19) (0 OR) *2012
CRJ-550 (25) (125 OR) *OR 2024
ERJ-175LR (85) (0 OR) *2014

Merger Airline/Continental. UAL/CON

As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been many changes to the fleet. Most, if not all of the aircraft have been retrofitted with United’s new livery. Most of United’s fleet has been updated with the new livery, and most of United’s mainline fleet has been updated with United’s Signature Interior. Meal Service has been added to flights that are 3 hours long at minimum, and snacks for purchase for flights that are 2 hours or less. A snack bar, similar to the likes of the CRJ-550 has been added to all aircraft in the fleet, except the small regional jets. Truly, United has gone a long way from dragging people of planes in 2017, to being better than Delta in 2025. Hopefully, American listens up!

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As a United enjoyer, I would also choose to be the united ceo, at first becoming the most hated man in America, probably.
But yes the main thing I’d work on would be employee ethics and similar. United’s fleet is so great and destinations are already so many there’s not much wrong with this airline except previously said. Oh and I’d make sure never to add that super condensed seating arrangements to any aircraft ever

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I would say that United’s ethics and customer service has improved over the years. Flight Attendants seem to be more friendlier than before, (I’ve flown UA many times back in the mid 2010s), and I’ve definitely had good and bad experiences with the FA. Airline ethics is always key to forming a good foundation for an airline, and improving your Airline’s overall reviews. And yes, I agree that United should not add super condensed seating

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