If you could manage any airline

Hey there! I have a question, that you need to think about, if you could take full ownership of any airline in the world, what would you change? This could be anything, from changing the hub of airline to the name of the airline itself. But take time to think about this, because who knows, real CEO of Airlines could be watching ;)


If I could manage any airline I would manage Jetblue. The first thing I would do is expand the fleet, in my opinion, 4 different types of planes (A320, A321, A220 and Embraer 190/195) is not enough for a decently big airline. Plus since it’s an American Airline, it should have some American-made planes, no? I think they should order around 60-80, 737-800 as it could open more routes but also more frequent routes. I would also add a wavy livery as it fly’s over the Atlantic ocean quite often. But other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing ;)


I would take over managing American Airlines. Current management is poor, to use a euphemism. Spends too much money on stock buybacks, which is why there was speculation AA would be the airline to go under if the government didn’t bail out the airlines at the height of the pandemic.


I’d take over United and increase their presence in the Southeast of the United States. Probably grab one of the FL airports as a hub or focus city such as TPA and build a small base out of there.


I totally agree! United needs to focus on getting their planes flying in Southeast because it’s quite a popular route in my opinion!

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Yup. AA is at a decent place right now and I would keep it this way. Don’t do any major buying and just try to have a positive income and then maybe buy a bigger fleet or more routes.

Hmm… if AA would be a choice, new livery for sure. And less expensive prices, the ones right now are as much as business class on some airlines.

Otherwise I’d choose JetAir Caribbean, I would love to see them have a Fokker 100 and maybe an MD-80/90. And more destinations ofcourse


If I owned an airline, I would buy 1000 B773, 5000 A359, 1000 A330, 4000 A320 series, 1000 C208 and 10000 CRJ series. Very luxury services for any class. Super butter, could fly anywhere(except North Korea, lukla and Area 51


If I had a lot of money, I’d take over the management of Air Serbia: two more A330-200s (YU-ARC, YU-ARD) and these two would allow long haul expansion to Toronto, Shangai, Beijing and daily JFK and Chicago; I’d take up a dozen A220-300 for medium haul and Middle East destinations resuming Abu Dhabi and Amman, Tehran and some other routes in the area. Then I’d add a few NTU ATR72-600s for cheap to grow my regional network in Ex-Yu.


i’ll buy IndiGo and destroy it lmao

i’ll buy Vistara , replace their A320s with 737s, buy second hand 757s because Boeing doesn’t make them anymore :( , order 777s, more 787s, some A350-900s and some ATRs along with introducing first class on A350 and 777 and try to take on the Gulf Carriers


What would be the airlines name?

Air Lumbia


That’s the perfect way to go bankrupt before you even pay for the first planes lol


yes lol

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I would choose Croatia Airlines and buy bunch of A320s, A330s and A340-300s. I would also expand the destinations to fly to Dubai, Tenerife, Iceland, Innsbruck and more. I would also buy bunch of 737s and fly them to UK, Munich/Frankfurt or Paris. Or maybe connect Zagreb to New York, Boston and Chicago with A340.
I would also keep the Q400s. For Cargo services, I would use the B757 and B77F.


If I could manage an airline, it’s definitely Tunisair:

  • No more delayed flights (expect if there is (are) reason(s)) and better services.

  • Expanding routes to Asia (India, China, Saudia Arabia and Japan) and to the USA (Los Angeles New York, Chicago, Washington and Dallas).

  • Expanding short / medium haul flights to Greece, Norway, and Poland.

  • Ordering new aircraft (two A339Ns, four A359s, five 787-9s, three A320N, nine 737MAX and one 747-8); keeping the currents A320s / A319s; keeping only two 736s, retiring the others.

  • A new livery.


Dang it, you beat me to the punch ;)

Your plan perfectly mirrors mine, id just add in:

  1. The adition of one or two more A320s to replace A319s and grow capacity a bit
  2. Maybe even one or two A321s for ASLs trunk routes (think LHR, SVO, TGD, TIV and summer charters)
  3. Besides the A223, a few -100s as well to solve the infamous “DC9 replacement / 100 seater aircraft” issue that has been talked about since 2000s era JAT.
  4. Thinking more long term though - NEO the remaining A320 familly A/C, and get some A321neo LRs for long and skinny routes, and eventually get A338s

i never knew those existed


I’ve ran the numbers and you might want to downscale a bit, at least until the next decade

Model Capacity Amount Total
A350 (900) 369 5000 1845000
B773 394 1000 394000
A330 (200) 250 1000 250000
A320 170 4000 680000

I’m not counting CRJs and C208 because they are too small to make a difference, and at this rate you’ll have at least 3.17 billion seats to fill, which seems a bit too much. Maybe you’ll increase the legroom, but even then you’ll need at least a billion passengers in the best scenario. I like the spirit though.


because theyre underrated or i would buy A346

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