If you could make a simulator

The title explains it all Hopefully :)
The sum of your choices can not exceed 13 points
Have fun!

  • Open World: 3 points
  • Multiplayer: 4 points
  • Limited aircraft: 1 point
  • Global flying: 4 points
  • Weather: 2 points
  • Clouds: 1 point
  • Livery/plane creator: 4 points
  • 3d buildings/scenery: 4 points
  • Cars: 3 points
  • Shared Cockpit: 4 points
  • Live instruments: 2 points
  • LNAV: 3 points
  • Engines on/off: 1 point
  • Pre Flight checklists (included): 2 points
  • Most aircraft IRL: 4 points
  • 4k textures: 3 points
  • Non-moving cockpit instruments: 1 point
  • AI ATC: 1 point

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Share your decisions below/make suggestions :)


The point system is bad. It doesn’t allow you to do a good simulator.


My Priority will be 4K Textures first, then I will make the Weather after making the texture (If I can vote for another option, I would also like to add Live Instruments/Pre-flight checklists) ;)

Global, 3D Buildings, Clouds, Cars, Hot Air Balloons, etc will be on my secondary list once all of my priority finished.

So, how would you improve?

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This was fun:-D


The most important one is global flying and open world

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What’s the difference between open world and global flying?

Open world is focused more on real-world. buildings, traffic etc.

10 points so you could put at least one big thing like global or buldings.

Who in their right mind would choose “non-moving cockpit instruments”?

BTW, I picked all of the above except that one.

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I did, I put both.

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I think only having 10 points is a little restricting. Anyway, I would have Global flying, Live instruments, LNAV, and Engines On/Off.

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Ok, is 13 good, do you think?

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45 points.

The whole sum doesn’t even add up to 45!

You’re right. It adds up to 47, I just removed the limited aircraft and non moving instruments.

Its not the point to make it the correct sum. Its to make sacrifices towards certain items.

Sacrifices indicate weakness. I believe in the FDS team more than that.

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You realize this is for fun right? I believe you don’t fully understand the point of the topic…:) Sorry.

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My selections weren’t very creative. They’re exactly what IF already offers.

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