If you could magically change something from happening to aviation as a whole, what would it be?

Aviation has progressed immensely over the years with all the events happening around it. There was the Wright brothers, piston-powered engines, massive bombers, the first jet-powered engine: the DeHavilland Comet, Boeing and Douglas start their plane wars. Douglas builds their two plagued trijets, and Boeing buys Douglas. Airbus joins the fight and now here we are.

What if you could magically go back in time and stop one of the great aviation milestones or anything else from happening?


Making Jetstar buy an L-1011


The L1011 took too long to make.

I would stop COVID 😂 Just kidding as much as I would like to, that is kind of beyond my control.

To be honest, I don’t know if I would change anything. I think that all the ups and downs that have happened to this point all play a unique role in developing the aviation industry as we know it today.


I see, keeping everything the same.

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I’d stop airlines from retiring the 747


Ooh, haven’t thought about that one. Gonna miss the 747.

I would stop Mitsubishi from buying the Bombardier CRJ series because we need a good regional jet from this amazing Canadian manufacturer.


Have the Tenerife disaster not have happened. Save 583 people’s lives


Ahhh the CRJs, I wonder what Mitsubishi is gonna do with them…

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The CRJ program staying as CRJ instead of MHIRHIMHIRJ

Legendary aircraft stay.

The price for training would be lower.

Others that I’ll think about with more free time.


Ah yes, I would love to see the 727, or MD80 fly again


If Airlines would stop retiring 757s… :(


I would stop the concord from being retired, unfortunately I’ll never get to fly on one


I would stop Apollo and Space Shuttle from being canceled


To stop 9/11


Stop the 737-MAX from having flaws.


You know I was thinking probably stop some aviation accident that took the lives of many people. But the result of those is what makes the industry so safe today, so in a way if we stopped some of those accidents from happening it may actually be more dangerous for the industry in general because it could lead to a more deadly crash in the future.
But I would stop the Tenerife disaster, just so incredibly sad and unnecessary.

On a more lighthearted scale I would want to stop the A340 from dying out, or the Pokemon Jets going away :(


Stop the technological revolution!

Iconic, legendary aircraft, like the MD-80, 757, classic 737’s, and even 777’s are being retired left and right. Why? Because of planes like the A320neo, A220, and 737 MAX.

Technology and planes do not mix. But apparently, people say the opposite. MD-80’s have been retired. Why? Because of A220’s and 737 MAX’s. The MAX, isn’t even that safe, and the A220, there’s nothing that’s not a computer, it’s more computer than plane.

The 737 MAX, technology paired with a plane, crashed twice, because of software. This is quite frankly, one of the worst things that can happen, and proof that computers doesn’t make planes better.

There won’t be such things as analog cockpit airliners, as soon as 5 years from now! Why? Technology is overtaking job of the pilot, with every new plane, there’s less and less I pilot can do without a computer being involved.

Where have the days gone where an airline pilot would read the analog gauges, without a computer in sight. Now, it’s quite the opposite. Technology and planes, like I said earlier, do not mix.

This is why I wish could stop the technological revolution of the airline industry.

Also, don’t flag me, but I want to remove the A220 from service altogether, reinstate the DC-9 and MD-80’s back into service, and let it stay that way.

And to change one more thing, make sure no crashed happen whatsoever.

I’m entitled to my opinion, you’re entitled you yours, I respect that. I’m just expressing what I want to change in aviation.


Even if the older planes are iconic, the newer ones are still more comfortable to be in, more pressurized, quieter, cleaner, etc.