If you could have your own Aircraft Manufacturer

If you could have your own Aircraft Manufacturer…

What sort of aircraft you make?

What would your name be?

Would you have subsidiaries?

Its All up to YOU!

Commercial and military aircraft

My name would be FlytoHigh

And no subsidiaries as of now


It’s Just For fun! It’s in the #real-world-aviation soo…

That sounds Awesome!

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But we have already way too many “fun” categories in the #real-world-aviation. So I don’t see a point in another one as it blocks up the forum. For example, a very similar topic to this one:


The point of this is to see what others would do like what aircraft would they make come up with there own designs would they have subsidiaries and such be an aircraft manufacturer like Boeing yes there are other topics like If you were the CEO of an airline but there isn’t a topic like this one


No, I know what its for, but I’m asking why is this needed? What’s the point of having this thread? That’s what I meant. But never mind, I’ll just let it go 🙃

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Exactly @Zach007

The point is to see what others would do and how would the react in this situation and how would they make their own aircraft

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But back on topic what would you guys do I would start by listing a name of aircraft I would build and then start designing them and start the process and building and such and try to get buyers which would then help my company grow and become a known airliner manufacturer

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@AlphaSeven You do understand that this is a forum for video games. Let people’s imagination roam. No need for “why is this needed” comments.

If you want no fun completely serious threads, visit airliners.net


Alright alright I understand the frustration but please any rude comments or subjects off topic to this can we please take to a pm and keep this on topic thank you

Stellar Aviation (named after a local airport)

This company would have headquarters in Chandler, AZ or Tempe, AZ and revive Gila River Memorial airport and expand it for manufacturing and testing for all aircraft and vehicles. It would offer a showroom, sales, and possible flight training at Stellar Aircraft for general aviation.

I would make electric aircraft because I believe that is the way we need to go to be sustainable and efficient to avoid pollution and rising fuel costs. I would want to research batteries and efficiency to make long haul electric aircraft possible. Electric aircraft like electric cars accelerate faster and are super fast and can be a lifesaver for many airlines and militaries worldwide. Electricity is quiet, cleaner, cheaper, and more modern.

The company would have 5 different areas not just including aircraft:

A military side designing electric aircraft and support ground vehicles for these electric aircraft. It would consist mainly of fighters as that is the main fuel burden of the military. Fighters consume so much fuel. One of my concepts would have the wings acting as solar panels and a battery underneath the entire aircraft. This battery could be charged before hand using power from regular sources. Also on the front of the aircraft there could be a way to generate power from the wind hitting the aircraft.

A commercial side designing short/medium haul single aisle aircraft like A220, E190, 737-600/700, A318/19, Sukhoi Superjet 100, and Comac C919. These, like the fighters would have concept wings with solar panels and contain a battery at the bottom of the aircraft designed to be as light and compact as possible along with reserve power in case of battery failure. These aircraft would likely make the cost of short flights much lower and leave less of a carbon footprint. Potential customers for these aircraft could be

  • Delta Connection
  • Delta Mainline
  • American Shuttle
  • American Eagle
  • JetBlue
  • British Airways
  • KLM City Hopper
  • Air Baltic
  • Aeroflot
  • ANA Wings
  • J Air

The main part of this company would be general aviation. This in my opinion is the best place for an electric aircraft company to start and experiment. The demand for a good electric trainer is high. This would help encourage more potential pilots to follow their dreams with cheaper training costs due to lower fuel. The Pipistrel Alpha Electro is one of the aircraft that are really showing us the potential of what an electric aircraft can be. With improvements to this technology, the electric aircraft could be the next generation of general aviation. This would make flying a more popular way to get around and easier to access for the public.

This company would also focus on creating clean power with windmills, wind, water, and the sun utilizing all the possible power that can come from these sources and how they can put it in a small, light battery that could power aircraft for long distances and last at least 20 years without losing too much health. If you don’t understand what I mean, think of the iPhone. After 3 years the phone needs a battery replacement because it can’t last the whole day. The battery on the aircraft would either need to be efficient and healthy for an extended amount of time or a battery that is cheap to replace and easy to replace. This company would also work on batteries for vehicles and sustainable power for cities and suburban areas.

The final part of the company would work with the battery development area to develop ways to serve the aircraft on the ground by charging them fast, creating electric ground vehicles, and new ground vehicles to service the needs of electric aircraft.

Investors, contact me. I’ll be the next Elon Musk I promise!

Hopefully I didn’t ramble too much,



Main Hubs- YBBN (Major), YSSY, YMML, NZAA (Major) and NZWL

Airline name- Aero Tasman

Aircraft- 10X A320 NEO
5X A321 NEO
15X 737-800
5X 777-300
5X A330-800 NEO
7X 787-9

Slogan- You haven’t travelled Like This Before

Destinations- Australia: YBBN, YBGC, YSSY, YMML, NZAA, NZWL, NZCH
(Serves east coast of AUS and NZL)

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Hey congratulations on getting Regular! @Zach007

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This isn’t an if you were CEO thread, This is what you would do if owned plane company/factory :)

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Sorry about that

If I started a plane manufacturing company it would be called Mesa Aviation.

   I would have the head offices in Grand Junction, Colorado (GJT) and have the primary factory there too. I would also have a factorys in Anchorage, Alaska (AKT), Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB), Warsaw, Poland (WAW) Buenos Aires, Chile (BIA), and Sydney, Australia (SDY).
  I would produce a variety of planes from personal jets to Intercontinental planes.

Private Jets:
M100 (smallest<4 passengers>/range 2500nm)
M95<5-6 passengers>/range 4500nm
M90<8-9 passengers>/range 5750nm
M85 (biggest<10-14 passengers>/range 7000nm)
Regional Jets: [rear mounted engines]
M400 (smallest<35-40 pass.>/range 2500nm)
M395<40-50 pass.>/range 2500nm
M390<50-75 pass.>/range 2750nm
M385(biggest<75-80 pass.>/range 2750nm)
Narrow Body Jets: [engines under-wing unless specified]
M500(smallest<60-80 pass.>/range 3000nm)
M495<80-100 pass.>/range 3250nm
M490<100-110 pass.>/range 3250nm
M485<100-120 pass.>/range 3500nm
M485R<100-120 pass.> [rear mounted engines]/range 3000nm
M480<120-130 pass.>/range 4000nm
M475<130-140 pass.>/range 4250nm
M470<140-160 pass.>/range 4750nm
M465<160-180 pass.>/range 5000nm
M460<180-200 pass.>/range 5000nm
M460D<170-180 pass.>/range 5500nm
M455<200-210 pass.>/range 4500nm
M450<200-220 pass.>/range 3750nm
M450P(biggest<210-230 pass.>/range 3000nm)
Wide Body Jets:
M600(smallest<220-250 pass.>/range 6000nm)
M595<230-260 pass.>/range 6500nm
M590<240-270 pass.>/range 6750nm
M585<250-280 pass.>/range 7000nm
M585D<240-250 pass.>/range 7500nm
M585P<260-300 pass.>/range 6500nm
M580<260-290 pass.>/range 7250nm
M575<270-300 pass.>/range 7500nm
M570<300-310 pass.>/range 8000nm
M565<320-350 pass.>/range 8250nm
M560<340-370 pass.>/range 8000nm
M555<270-300 pass.>/range 10,000nm
M550(biggest<370-400 pass.>/range 8500nm)
M545<320-350 pass.>/range 9250nm
Cargo:(tns=tons of cargo)
M700(smallest<25tns>/range 2000nm
M695<50tns>/range 3000nm
M690(biggest<75tns>/range 3250nm)
M685<35tns>/range 6000nm
M680<40tns>/range 6500nm\

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