If you could have one feature added or improved in the next update, what would it be?

Hey fellow aviators, picture this: you have the chance to sprinkle some magic into the next Infinite Flight update. What’s that one feature or improvement you’d wish for, and why? Maybe you’re craving a specific aircraft addition, or perhaps you’re itching for better weather dynamics to test your skills. Whatever it is, let’s chat about it! Drop your ideas below and let’s make our virtual skies even more thrilling together.


ATR family, obviously.


out of all Aircraft why the ATR family?

This topic sounds so AI generated…


It’s the aircraft that I’ve flown the most in my life, and it’s the backbone of Greek (and other Balkan countries’ aviation). I flew on it earlier today and have another flight tomorrow evening.

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impressive writing to be considered AI

An A350-1K virgin atlantic


Unfortunately no :(

What a shame maby in the future

Just submitted a feature request for it, the ability to set minimums for IFR procedures within the simulator and have it reflected on the avionics with a callout.

I also wanted the A350-1000 as well. It’ll open up many realistic routes especially from the British based airlines like BA and VS. But not many airlines operate it which is a shame


Holding pattern !! Storms seasons is coming ! Lol

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Well if we are starting to believe that, we are not going in the good direction.

We should tell AI to display AI planes on solo mode 😝

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if I could add one feature it would def be city lights… now it doesn’t have to be in every city but it would be nice if they were at major city… it would look so cool to see lights from above and im sure its soon to be in game

‘Direct to’ button with a smart turn

I would like to see these GPS airport displays inside IF. I don’t know their technical name or If they’re on boeing and airbus, but I do know that they’re very helpful while taxiing and seem nice. It’s sort of like the hud map which you can turn on.

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  1. AI generated topics… mneh.
  2. This is what we have Features for