If you could have anything for global, what would it be?

I would love to see more realistic night flight with city lights on approach instead of just going into a terrain like a blind

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People who understand what global is…

Global is mostly about overhauling the way we deliver our scenery data to your device. For now “data” still only means terrain topography + airport layouts.


All the features FSX has LoL 😂!

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I’d love to see some taxiway lighting. And more Austrian liveries… 😉

3D Scenery

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A Lufthansa A321

I need this so much…

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CRJ rework (plus the -700 and -900), 3D buildings, animated cockpits, animated weather (rain, snow), and engine start/stop.

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I said it.(In IF)

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A CRJ-200 rework + CRJ 700/900 + Embraer ERj 170/175/190/195 rework+ERJ 135/140/145+A330-200 rework+A330-200+A340-600 rework+A340-300


Just the DC-10 and MD-11☺

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YES I hope they add that

Better landing gear (I know this is a weird thing to ask for in an update, but to be frank, it actually adds a lot of realism to any simulator!) and a co-pilot!

Oh they will all come with global. You do know African aviation without cities like Lagos doesn’t make sense

I personally would enjoy to see wake turbulence added one day. It’ll teach all of those that think landing on top or directly behind another is a good idea. You fly in wake turbulence = you get an uncontrollable aircraft.

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What about only for expert?

gear tilt, and wing flex on all aircraft. :)

I want mustaches on every single plane on IF. or else.

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Still, there are many pilots on expert that don’t know all ATC instructions. There are also many pilots who don’t speak English

If they don’t know english, then how would they respond to the current atc? 😂

This is gonna sound crazy but I would like to buy my own airport. If I could own KEWR on global and manage the air lines at that airport on whatever level that would be awesome.