If You Could Go Spot Anywhere?

I have searched and searched and I haven’t found a topic like this anywhere.
So, here’s the question, if you were given the opportunity to go spotting anywhere in the world, which airport would you go to and why?

Personally I think I would choose Nuuk airport, as even though only two airlines fly there I love both the Air Greenland and Air Iceland liveries and all the aircraft in their fleets, and aircraft photos in the snow always look good.

Also PS. I’m pretty sure a lot of people will say SXM


Difficult to make a choise :)

I would say ATL and SXM. ATL has some cool spotting areas including the parking lots and the hotel near some hardstands.


I would choose Skiathos in Greece, because I’ve already been to SXM :)

Skiathos is in Greece.

My geography is off today.

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Toronto just because it’s close to home.

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JFK airport because A380s go there

A380s go to every busy US airport…

I fly to Skiatos,amazing place!

Also in OLBIA (Sardinia/Italy) is very good

Dubai International for sure, so many heavies!

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Not my local airport (KBOS) which is really busy

But it’s always the same airline ;)


Toronto too I live close and lots of planes

Los Angeles - LAX

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I’m actually from New York, but it’s just a 3 hour drive there.

“If you could go spot anywhere?”

Maybe the runway threshold.


Somewhere peaceful, somewhere with a stunning backdrop.

I’m thinking Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Airport.

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I’m thinking of London Gatwick ;)