If you could get any airplane reworked in Infinite Flight what would it be?

If you could rework any aircraft in Infinite Flight what one would you rework? I would rework the C-130 family.

(I already put this thread up but it was in the wrong category.)

This belongs in #general :)

I would want the Embraer E-jets to be reworked

i got told it belonged in #features

i’m pretty sure it belongs in #general since this isn’t technically a request, you are just asking others what aircraft they would like to be reworked

(Correct me if i’m wrong)

You can only request one thing during feature requests. This should also be #general.

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This is somewhat the purpose of the #features category. People post or express their support for an aircraft that they wish to see and then folks vote on it. Topics like this aren’t needed. Thanks for the understanding!