If you could fly only one aircraft from the history of aviation, what would it be?

I hope you have fun seeing it!

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Definitely the Concorde 100%, a legendary plane.

Basically only choose one aircraft (even though many people seem to have chosen many) from the history of aviation (an aircraft that does not operate any more or is not under production anymore) that you would fly

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Poseidon P-8!


If there’s a retired thing I wish I could fly it would probably be the F-14. Need I say anything more?

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Cessna 340

  • 747
  • 727
  • 707
  • DC 8
  • 737-200

If I had to choose one, it would 100% be the Concorde. Just a legendary metal bird. No other words.

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The Boeing 757 (obviously). It might not be historical persay, but it’s a venerable bird.



Tje 757 ftw

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The 747. Just. Look. At. It. 😍


Gulfstream G550/G650 or Dassault Falcon 7X/8X

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Would undoubtly be the Majestic DC-3. But I mean if the opportunity ever presented itself is take anything lol

If the words ‘Spitfire’ aren’t coming out of your mouth, your crazy.

The best aeroplane ever built, no arguments.


I’d say the A320. It honestly revolutionized the aviation industry with the fly by wire system. Too bad it’s not spitfire 🙂

The 757 spits fire on your plane.


(It’s a joke)


I imagine the P-51.

As much as I would love to fly the Concorde, I would want to fly the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird the most.

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757 gang were you at

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Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

Introduced: October 1983
Retired: April 22, 2008
Max Speed: 684 mph; 1,100 km/h
Crew: 1
Range: 1,070 mi; 1,722 km (unlimited with aerial refueling)


Wow, it’s been retired? Do you know what replaced it?