If you could fly only one aircraft from the history of aviation, what would it be?

There are many aircraft I would choose,

  • DC-9, DC-3, DC-4
  • Boeing 708
  • P-47

But I would choose the

Ford Tri-Motor

After riding this aircraft twice, this historic airliner has been an aircraft I would love to fly. This aircraft made history and was a revolutionary aircraft - first metal multi engine airliner, etc. I have always wanted to fly this plane, which is why I chose it.

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Tough choice between my favorites, the 777-300er, F-4 Phantom, and FW-190 A8. Probably the FW-190 though. My favorite WW2 warbird.

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Well, this isn’t exactly “ancient”, but I’d say the 727. I’ve heard from many pilots that this aircraft was a joy to fly.

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Easily a Boeing 747-100. The old school 747 with the clocks instead of screens. Absolutely love it!

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I don’t get the question. So the last plane we could ever fly? Or the only plane we could ever fly? Or do we just choose one that we like the most?

Miss Montana, A 75 year old Douglas DC-3, N24320, also my IF callsif
image image
It is the first plane I have ever stepped foot in. It is my all time favorite plane.
More info here - Miss Montana DC-3 to Normandy

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The last plane from history that you could fly.

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Ohhh. Then I’d probably choose the Spruce Goose.

Definitely Concorde. No other words.

Simple answer: The Write Flyer (I’m going to see it this weekend)

I hope you have fun seeing it!

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Definitely the Concorde 100%, a legendary plane.

Basically only choose one aircraft (even though many people seem to have chosen many) from the history of aviation (an aircraft that does not operate any more or is not under production anymore) that you would fly

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Poseidon P-8!


If there’s a retired thing I wish I could fly it would probably be the F-14. Need I say anything more?

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Cessna 340

  • 747
  • 727
  • 707
  • DC 8
  • 737-200

If I had to choose one, it would 100% be the Concorde. Just a legendary metal bird. No other words.

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The Boeing 757 (obviously). It might not be historical persay, but it’s a venerable bird.



Tje 757 ftw

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The 747. Just. Look. At. It. 😍