if you could change something in civil aviation what would you change?

TSA is a useless organizations, Ramp agents probably catch more things then TSA as a whole does.
If we got rid of TSA I bet you we’d probably operate the exact same way prior to 9/11.

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I would allow people to see the cockpit in flight or at least put a small viewing window to see what is going on that’s what I would change

you would seriously feel safe without TSA? You would feel safe knowing that a terrorist plot could easily board a plane?

Ramp agents deal with checked baggage exclusively! What about carry-ons???!!

AND 1 free high quality TV channel to watch :D


Gate Agents, Ramp Agents lol

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Now that, I would agree with.

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Last time I checked, the agent at the gate doesn’t search your carry-on.

Yes I do, there’s two airlines out here (Ravn, and PenAir) that do not have TSA. They are regional airlines out here in the State.
When I ride trains, TSA doesn’t do a security search for me, when I board ships samething.

Correct but they are able to identify suspicious activities and report noticeable things.

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You know what they don’t do that? Because a train can be easily contained if a situation does occur.

A plane has so many variables that just don’t exist with a train. A train is compartmentalized, meaning if something happens, only one section is heavily effected. If a bomb goes off in the rear of the train, the pilot of the train can decouple that part remotely from the engine, and then take the train to a secure location.

A plane is a 100%, open-air, pure-oxygen environment with no compartmentalization. If something happens, you are screwed. If a bomb goes off, it immediately feeds on all that oxygen that is in the confined space of an aircraft cabin.

My comment still stands, TSA Fails 95% of the time. Wasting money on an organization that has yet to prevent any terror attacks on anything from a train, a ship, an aircraft. Why keep wasting money into a failed program? Other airports are going privatized companies cause they do a much better job then TSA. As I even said some Airlines don’t even have TSA screening and from what I know they have yet to have a bomb go off or an attempted hijacking.

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Key word there is YET! It is only a matter of time.

I highly doubt it will ever happen to. People can read other people extremely well and report things to local airport police or crew if in flight.
Being so afraid of something with a very little possibility isn’t healthy…

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For the record I’m not afraid of a terrorist attack onboard a plane. I love flying. I love being on board a plane every time I fly. And in a perfect world, I completely agree with you. Get rid of TSA.

But, at the same time, you have to accept certain facts about life. One of which is that we have terrorism in the world.

Edit: So, am I afraid that an attack is imminent? No. But, does the fact that we have TSA make me feel safer when flying? Yes.

While it is a fact in other places around the world, in the US it isn’t if you can name me 3 different times since 9/11 a major US Airliner was hijacked or blown up successfully let me know.

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Reduce the amount of pollution planes create.

Planes already create very little pollution. Especially when you factor in the fact that many planes now run on Biofuels.


This is actually not true, planes create a lot of pollution. Even though they run on biofuels. You have no idea what flying does to your carbonfootprint. If your carbon foot was a size 7 in mens, it would turn into a size 11 through the course of 1 long haul flight.

What’s your source?

Yeah, I would like to see your source on that one as well, please.

Edit: Granted, planes create pollution. But you also have to take into account EVERYTHING else which emits CO2 into the atmosphere as well. When you take everything else into consideration, planes emit very little pollution in comparison to other pollution emitters.

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well, we were doing a unit on climate change for the past week and my science teacher talked about how planes are terrible for the environment. She used that exact quote, so if you guys want i can ask her tommorow in class.