If you could buy any airplane

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i would get a gulfstream g450

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SR71 or F22.

SR71 I would hope doesn’t need an explanation why.

F22 because it looks so freaking awesome.

F18 would be a contender because landing on a carrier is just… YES


Definitely an airbus beluga 😊😊😊😂

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I have to say a TBM. I love how it has the G1000’s in the cockpit display screens. It’s a nice little aircraft that can fly a far distance

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Who wouldn’t want a Gulfstream G650? 😍


6,500 nautical mile range btw.


Tbh, I wouldn’t even buy a plane. I would rather take commercial flights because like if u buy a plane, maintaining is a different level. Paying for parking fuel etc. I would stick with commercial travel because getting a ticket is not that hard. And come on, why buy a plane and have to maintain it when u could just take commercial travel. Business or first class if u want a bit of luxury

Yes but, you wouldn’t have to pay for the plane, fuel etc. It would all be paid for.

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I would buy the 737-max

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Yea, That is nice for some, but I prefer jet’s when it comes to purchasing planes. But that’s just me :)

Screw fancy modern jets, I want a Super Connie. Complete with the old TWA livery from the 50’s.

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A super Connie huh? If I had to go classic, I would want the Douglas dc-3.

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Good choice, the DC-3 is one of the best.

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Yea, my great-grandfather used to tell me all about it when I was young. Main reason why I fell in love with Avation :)

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I personally would buy a Boeing 787-8 or an A330neo

I think i’d purchase the new G700. the plane is just on another level of luxury and comfort. it’s also quite fast with a top speed of mach 0.925 and it can travel over 7,400 nautical miles.

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A339 or A321XLR

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