(If you can remember) What was your first In-app purchase you made in IF?


I created this topic to duscuss about what was the first In-app purchase you bought in Infinite Flight?

  • It can be a region during pre-global.
  • It can be an aircraft.
  • It can be a live/pro subscripition.

Also, what motivated you to buy that In-app purchase first?

My first In-app purchase:

The first thing that I bought in Infinite flight was back in April, 2014. The thing that I bought was the Boeing 767 when I saw the Delta livery on it (I was a big fan of Delta at that time) so I decided to purchase it which was $4.99 and thats the first aircraft that I used in IF. I played solo at that time so I enjoyed playing with it and crashing it all around the San Francisco region.

I remember flying at it like this:

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My first in-app was live+ back in 2016. Sooo

Just being able to fly online helped me alot. And become the pilot I am today


New York and the A320 so I could practice landing in the Hudson. I bought Hawaii, the 787-8, and a few more before buying Live+ on Christmas of 2016.


For me, it was the live subscription (1 month).

After a while, I bought the 777-300ER aircraft and still love it to this day.

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The Colorado region (yes I’m old). Since I live in CO it only made the most sense. It was quickly followed by the A318 since it was the only aircraft with the F9 livery at the time.

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Yeah the B777-300 was the second thing I bought.

My first one was the 777-300ER. Second one the F-14.

And for the record, I didn’t remember. I just checked my purchase statistics.


Cool, I bought the live subscription 6 months later after my 3rd aircraft.

I remember thinking my parents were never gonna get me each plane and each region. So I just brought it all


Me too I bought it all except for the Paris region and the Embraer E-190 which I noticed that I would get everything when global came out.

Do you remeber what motivated you to buy it?

I bought Live first, then the 737-800, and then Live+. :)

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My firs purchase was the 789 it was glorious


I loved when I bought the 787, it was the first one to have the Wing Flex.

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That purchase really made me into infinite flight


My first IAP (not that IAP) in IF is when in October of 2013 I purchased the Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

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The A330 was one of the last aircrafts that I bought because it didn’t brought me much attention but it had the Delta livery and I wanted to mimic the route from KATL to PHNL. Now that I fly it It’s a very cool aircraft.

My first purchase was the game itself. XD

My first in-app purchase was most likely the A330F. First region I bought was the New York region. I had IF since 2014, so there was no such thing as multiplayer.

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  1. Boeing 747-8i.
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Boeing 777-300ER back in November of 2015. I really liked the liveries on it and the size.

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