If you can choose a plane to live on,what will it be and why.

Glider, free gas prices

I would live on a 787-8, or a 747-8. Both fully customized. 😍👌

Haha,like that idea

A350 because it looks nice and it can fly far

I’m surprised nobody picked any type of private jet.

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I’d choose a 777-9X…

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Well then now that you said something,
Bombardier Challenger 300:

Disagree. You need to pay for a tow plane so it isn’t ‘free’

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Bigger jets = more space = more places to put things = more fun.

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A 787-8/9 just because it’s modern and spacious.

how much for one?

Think about fuel cost,parking cost,and think about if electrical and mechanical problems occurs, you have to pay.

It looks like it cost about 2 million dollars.

Nobody mentioned D.Trump 757

Looks like I will have visit the owner whos selling this tommorow.

Good luck with that

@AlotQuestions, only the pocket change of you and me around 25.9 Million Dollars.

I would have to go with the 777-9X or the 777-20LR, both for their range.

For space, a passenger AN225 or a380

Cargo would be a380F

Don’t worry

I’m sure he will accept rent money

Yea your right think he does, and It would only take my whole life to pay it off. Might have about 21 Million left to pay after i die, but thats what having kids are for right LMAO!!! Just hand it off to the next generation.

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