If you can choose a plane to live on,what will it be and why.

Mine would be a B787 Dreamliner because it just fancy.


Probably an Etihad A380 because the first class there is the best in the world.


Maybe a 737 MAX

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Can we moderate the plane? If yes it will be A350 or B787 or B777 :P
Too many to choose from

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A 777 would be another good choice

A A380 would be good for people who dream big but talking about Etihad…good choice too.


I like the livery.

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😂😂😂😂😂😂 Vacation House!!!


LOL very genious!

Lol Quick solution for airlines not having to pay for pilots hotels on layovers.

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A 787-10 and a 747-8 for storage.

That’s a beautiful livery.

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Probably an A380, A350-900 or 787-9.

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MaxSez: I’d take a Super Cub! Just throw some camping gear, a fart bag, a cooler for the beer, a.22, a Fly Rod and a change of skivvies In the boot and go for it. The Golf Coast in the winter, the Central/ NE in the spring & fall and the Rockies in the summer. A gypsy moth, that’s the life!


@AmericanAirlines… MaxSez: Fart Bag= Sleeping Bag… Get a life, LOL


777-200LR without a doubt

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Probably a 747. My bedroom would be the hump. Everything else (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc) would be on the first floor.

I would pick either an A350-1000 or a “borrowed” Etihad A380.

777, 787, 747, a350

Just because

Boeing 737max 8

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