If you are new to Infinite Flight, Read this

Hey! I just wanted to tell you, if you’re new to infinite flight and going to get live/live+ ,
I found out that if you just forget live for 1-2 months and just focus on solo, but fly by the live rules (speed). You WILL get so many less violations. Just fly on solo for sometime, once you think you can land smoothly and take off easily, go buy live and get less violations!
This is some good advice because when I bought infinite flight, I just flew on solo for 1 month to get more experienced on flying and everything else. Today, I’m grade4 with 40 violations.
My friend decided to check out infinite flight, he bought IF and also live. His first flight was on live. Today, he is Grade 1 with 37 violations and he just started flying 2 days ago.
See what I mean?
If you read to the end, I’d like you say thank you.
Happy New Year IF Community!


Good advice but, some people just don’t have the patience to fly a month on solo when they could just fly on live.


I don’t think just comparing you and you’re friend is a fair comparison. I get your point, but your evidence isn’t good. Your friend might not have taken it seriously like you did. Consider the factors and the legitimacy of your conclusion.


You have casual server for that, you can learn unicom then move up to training server and learn ATC and while doing all of this you can gain XP. It’s a win-win for both the player and fds.

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No he did that it seriously. He said he wanted to get as little violations as he can

I believe this has achievement has really already been accomplished…


I knew this but he didn’t. Didn’t want to ruin his dream

Honestly, live is what makes the sim different and better than the rest

I probably have 40 violations and I’m Grade 4. I fly inverted and at the limits all the time… I only use solo to make planes hover, go backwards, and land inverted.

Some good advise, when o first got IF I only used solo for the first year! Though this is partly because live was not available!

These days I still use Solo when I am flying a new aircraft or havnt flown for a while and I will start off doing several short finals before moving to doing touch and Gos on TS1.

I’m grade 4 and have 2 violations. I flew on solo for a while before I got live, but never flew realistically or within any live rules. Did my first flight on casual. Then when I went on TS1 I got the taxi warning and the 250 below 10000ft warning, saw it and slowed down, got no violations. Then I just searched all the violations that you could get. It’s hard that hard.


Great minds think alike. I am in grade 4 with only 32 violations

The problem is some people new to infinite flight buy live and have their first flights on the training server which may cause high number of violations especially with speeds e.g over 35kts ground speed during taxi or over 250kts airspeed below 10000ft altitude

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