IF Yoke calibration and use problem

Hiya guys,

Have tried every game that is like if (RFS AFS) and my calibration is perfect and moves same time my phone does… however IF the yoke just goes crazy and it’s like I’m not using it please can someone help I know this has been a problem in which I made a post few weeks back yet still having same issue after another hot fix and many uninstall/installs

Sorry to hear you’re still having issues.

Next time please link to the original topic, so that others don’t have to go and search what the issue was, which device you’re using and what you have already tried.

Could you make a video showing the issue, upload it to YouTube and post the link here?

Maybe show the cockpit view so the yoke is visible?
Also put the yoke into the status bar.
This could give us more information to go on.

Okay I will do

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