IF Wrapped -- 2023

In the spirit of everything wrapped (Spotify, Apple Music, even my calendar app?) I thought it would be cool to put together a simple little Infinite Flight wrapped from all my flights of 2023…some neat information as well as some cool pics from my flights.

Hope to see some others “wrapped’s” come out soon, too!

🛫 Number of Flights: 118

🕰️ Total Flight Hours: 237hrs. 38min → That’s practically 10 DAYS in the simulator…

⏱️ Average Flight Time: 2hrs. 15min.

🌍 Total Distance Travelled: 145,746nm. → That’s 61% of the distance to the moon, or close to 6 times around the Earth’s equator!

✈️ Longest Flight: Los Angeles (KLAX) - Dubai (OMDB)15:517,235nm.

🌀 Strongest Crosswind: 156knts. (Challenger 350 flight from KAPA - KLAX over the Rockies)

🌬️ Strongest Headwind: 136knts. (Boeing 777-300ER flight from OMDB - KLAX over the Persian Gulf)

🌬️ Strongest Tailwind: 122knts. (Airbus A320 flight from KDEN - KORD over Nebraska)

📍 Individual Airports Visited: 57

🌳 (Very) Theoretical Amount of CO2 Emissions: ~9,000,000lbs. (CO2 calculations are relative, so I assumed the avg. passenger count for each aircraft found their emission factor for each seat mile, then did math 👍)

Some pics from along the way:

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER departing Aukland

Private Challenger 350 arriving into Kahului

Helpful Resources Used

ChatGPT: Helped with adding up all the times at the same time (w/o having to add up minutes, then hours)
ICAO.int: CO2 Emmission information
CO2.myclimate.org: More CO2 Emission information
Infinite Flight Replay: Take a wild guess for this one 😉

To another great year ahead of us of flying (both in the sim and IRL)!

P.S. Was not sure if this topic should’ve gone in General or Screenshots and Videos, so please feel free to move it to the most fitting one


Don’t worry, there will hopefully be an IF wrapped this year. There was last year. (hope this isn’t speculating)


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