IF won't connect dispite being Connected

Hi, this issue has happened twice.
I’d be trying to connect to a flight when it won’t connect (Observe picture) I’ve restarted turned my wifi off and on again, online solo it won’t connect. Help…

Vodaphone Smart V8
64 Bit

Hi there,

Have you tried resetting your router and have you tried clearing your network settings on your device. Please provide device and operating system info as this will help us better serve you. Kind Regards, Chris


Hi yeah Vodaphone Smart V8, Android, 64bit

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Close Infinite Flight, reset your router, restart your device and relaunch the app. Let us know if that helped. I’m going to uncheck the solution icon that you selected until we can get you connected.

It didn’t work, I got a ‘Cannot connect to Internet’ and the same error message beforehand

Did you try loading other stuff using the same internet on your internet browser? How fast does it load?

Pretty fast, this is on the same device (IF closed) on the same internet

Does it load on cellular data? Or do you have access to another WiFi source?

Did you check if IF maybe be blocked by your ISP?

You aren’t a T-Mobile customer by any chance right?

I can tell you it’s not

No I’m a Vodaphone user (New Zealand Provider)

Data doesnt work either

We’re you ever able to access the servers since the update?

Yes, infact I did a flight just a couple hours ago using the same wifi

Try going on a different server and a different airport after a device and app restart.

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Ok, I have it working, thanks all!

So what did you do different and did any of our suggestions work since we may be able to use this thread to help others down the road. Glad to see you up and running again ;)

I basically restarted my Device and went on a different Server.

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Which server worked?